MeMadeMay 2017

More Alabama Chanin makes

When the weather turns warm, I lean into the hand stitching and away from the knitting needles (but not completely). This summer I added three Alabama Chanin garments to the wardrobe. They go quick when they are one layer and unembellished!


Twice now I have created a straight skirt using the pattern for the back of the wrap skirt as both the front and the back piece and adding no more than and inch to the one that goes in back (which I remember by starting the elastic back there). It works for my boyish shape. Like my parchment one, this brown one was made from Brunette fabric I had left over from Build-a-Wardrobe 2016; I can wear it with the Alabama Sweater Top of the same jersey, or with other pieces, like this A-line top I made from a  Liberty Graphics T I got in Maine (plus some thrifted undyed ones). When I wore it back to the factory outlet store in Liberty last week, they noticed and took a picture of me. Thread is green, shade no.6770, and binding is in cretan stitch. 

My second tank top is also stitched from my AC jersey stash that I often add to during those special sales. I think I got this single yard of Leaf knowing there is a green-and-black skirt in the queue; it is a different shade but could coordinate. So I went ahead and made it now. It has inside floating seams since there is not a matching thread color, but I did use Dogwood thread for binding in zig-zag chain stitch. 

I have a rose-under-carmine swing skirt in the works, but who knows when i shall complete that heavily embellished piece!