#MeMadeMay 2016
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MeMadeMay 2017


Alas, as I am late making this post, I'm mostly just offering a list for posterity. I'm including Ravelry links for projects that are detailed there, even if they have been documented on the blog or worn in last year's MMM line-up. And I don't know what happened on the final three days because I forgot to record what I wore. Will try harder when May 2018 rolls around!

  1. Dress No. 1
  2. Black AC skirt made of my vintage  Threadless Ts
  3. Pink linen drawstring pants
  4. Rockefeller shawl and wrapped-bead bracelet
  5. Tempest cardi
  6. Citron shawl
  7. Triple Koigu Shawl
  8. AC Verd T
  9. AC green fitted top; Jackaroo cardi (not together!)
  10. Alabama Sweater Top, straight parchment AC skirt, Charlotte's Web shawl
  11. Alabama Sweater Top
  12. Antarktis shawl
  13. Verd T
  14. Citron shawl
  15. AC Maggie Tunic & skirt (See above!)
  16. AC Maggie Tunic & skirt
  17. Dress No. 1
  18. AC pink dotted tank and burgundy wrap skirt
  19. Endless Summer Tunic
  20. Orange AC skirt
  21. Birds AC A-line Top, also from new Threadless Ts (See below!)
  22. AC long black skirt
  23. Tiny pocketless talk
  24. Green AC Tank Top NEW
  25. Verd T
  26. Orange AC skirt
  27. AC green fitted top
  28. AC bolero
  29. ?
  30. ?
  31. ?