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#MeMadeMay 2016

Last year I was late to discover the hashtagged movement to wear something from one's own hands every day in May. This year I am giving it a go – although I am not posting daily pix on Instagram. Many of these projects have already put in appearances there, although they have not yet gotten a full blog treatment here. So I'll annotate this accounting of what I've worn so far, and plan on details in other posts:

May 1 - Cowichan-style vest – because we were in the mountains for the weekend and it was crazy cold! 



May 2 - Endless Summer Tunic & Alabama Chanin bolero – because the next day the weather completely changed! 

May 3 - That same AC bolero over fave dress with matching visible mending 
May 4 - ditto because some days I am dressed in workout wear for half the time

May 5 - Tempest cardi (Ann Weaver design for Knitty, made in 2009)
May 6 - Alabama Chanin Verd T & matching long skirt (my latest achievement!)
May 7 - Stopover sweater – because I'll follow Ann & Kay to the moon, and the Saturday of Maryland Sheep & Wool was right chilly


May 8 - Threadless-recycled Alabama Chanin skirt & Doodler shawl
May 9 - Smooch Rowan tank & Threadless AC skirt (reversed so the other side was in front)
May 10 - Smooch again with jeans & Unleaving shawl – I knit this tank in 2003 when it was an early bloggers' knit along
May 11 - Tiered cotton skirt – an oldie dating from Little B's preschool days
May 12 - Verd T & pink linen pants I sewed at VisArts one night with coworkers
May 13 - Workout wear all day, which was bound to happen
May 14 -  Alabama Chanin orange recycled-T tank
May 15 -  Triple S shawl 
May 16 - Charlotte's Web Shawl, the Koigu classic I knit in 2005

May 17 - Sockapolooza socks knit by someone else; remember Sockapalooza? I think I participated in at least two of those trades.

May 18 - Rooibos vest and Volt shawl

May 19 - workout wear again, alas

May 20 - My firstest AC Bloomers skirt of thrifted blue and purple Ts

May 21 - Volt shawl

May 22 - Beloved Chicknits Twist cardi, in May! 

May 23 - Triple S Koigu shawl

May 24 - Another Chicknits: Cece shrug

May 25 - Rowan Elspeth shrug, in Calmer like the one above

May 26 - Endless Summer Tunic

May 27 - Sonya Philip Dress No. 1

May 28 - this is a doozy: a silk dress I sewed c. 1991!

May 29 - Dress No. 1 again

May 30 - Violets by the River shawl

May 31 - AC long skirt

What a fun month! Will look forward to doing this again next spring.