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Alabama Chanin Verd T

[Ooops, there went another three months!] As I was last writing, after warming up with several recycled-T garments, I was ready in summer to spring for an honest-to-God DIY kit straight from the Florence HQ. This would be the perfect project to tote on family vacation and work on in the months when wooly knitting is too darned hot to handle. Fortunately, Alabama Chanin often offers discounts, and I think I used one such opportunity to purchase the Verd Unisex Shirt, which I ordered in a long-sleeved unisex small because I wasn't sure whether to get a women's small or medium. I chose the nude color called Ballet for the bottom layer on the reverse-appliqué front, and replaced the kit's variegated brown embroidery floss with both light pink and variegated gray-to-black.


And when I couldn't decide which one to stitch around the golden leaves, I ended up using both: the pink for leaves that were whole intact, and the gray for leaves that left the field at the neck and sleeves. 

Because I had the AC women's T pattern at hand, I overlaid it on the cut body pieces and added just a bit of waist shaping. I also stitched and trimmed all of the large leaf motifs that didn't have any small leaves stenciled atop them; in the example that was not the case, but I wanted more of the lighter color to show. (The wall at my local library branch was a nice match, as are the pair of linen pants I made a few years ago.)


Putting in the sleeves was not difficult – I like the method of holding the sleeve and side seam to be stitched as one. I trimmed the length of the sleeves, actually a bit more than I wish I had. But the finished garment is such a dream to wear! I'm not sure I can put on that scratchy blue wrap skirt now that I have the PJ-comfort quality of the organic jersey to compare. I've worn the finished T so often that I decided it needs a matching skirt, now under construction ~