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Mitered Crosses for my mighty brother

I never thought I would knit blankets that weren't baby gifts, but my friends at Mason-Dixon Knitting inspired me to make my first, second, and now third. When Kay designed the pattern in 2011, based on the cover quilt from this book, as a fundraiser for Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief, how could I resist? Plus I posessed the suggested Noro Silk Garden in my stash. (At $5 a pop, six months ago the pattern had raised an amazing $19,300 donated to Mercy Corps!)

I ordered Berroco Peruvia for the background yarn, and started knitting. I'm amused to realize that I knit three pinwheel baby blankets while this was in progress. Another chuckle is that the receipient sat on and broke one of the needles in a square that I took to a Richmond Flying Squirrels game. But, wo years later, c'est finis! I took a little shortcut in that I added the 27 garter ridges to the sides of two squares rather than binding off and picking up again. And I failed at bordering.

The blanket blocked beautifully. I tried the i-cord, I tried crochet, but that Peruvia is such a loosey-goosey single that all I got was frustrated. We took a vote at my monthly S&B this week, with a resulting consensus that the edges look look fine as wine, and Brotherman would never give a thought to the lack of a border. I presented it today, three days early for his birthday, and he was most pleased. Here's to my sweet brother Charles, deserving of this knit and so much more!