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So many shawls, so little time

There went another three months! I'm still in transition, finding my feet as a self-employed worker, happily so. But knitting never ceases ~ except when I sprained my wrist last month while roller skating . . . So let's add a little recap of knits I finished in the spring and summer, shall we?

I've long wanted to knit Christa Giles's Colourflow Wrap, so I finally pulled a bunch of skeins from stash and had a go of knitting a big, double-stranded tube, merging colors as I went, including Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight and their older Soft Rock, Knit Picks Sock Landscape and Koigu PPPM. And then it was time to cut my first steek ever.

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Easy-peasy! And with a dip in the blocking wash, I reluctantly eliminated those Koigu curls. Wee C models before we wrapped it up and birthday-gifted it to our dear friend Laura. 

Next on the needles was not a shawl, but my third pinwheel baby blanket. I made two of these last summer and was ready to whip up one more for the newest descendant ~ and namesake of ~ my paternal grandfather. This Mission Falls 1824 Cotton had  languished in the stash long enough; clearly it was not going to become a summer sweater (I've foresworn knitting those for life in these humid climes). 


In June, after three years of off-and-on attention, six skeins of Koigu were finally bound off with i-cord around 52 knitted lace squares. I got the Triple S Shawl pattern from the Brooks Farm folks at Maryland Sheep & Wool in 2009 and converted the chart to use three colors instead of four. I can't believe it took me so long that there were some unfortunate moth-chomped spots from leaving the waiting sections unsecured. I discreetly tied them off on the wrong side and blocked away:


Knitsib Frances and I had a ball this summer joining thousands of other knitters on Ravelry for designer Stephen West's Mystery Shawl Knit-along. All we knew at the start was its name, Rockefeller, and the yarn requirement of two colors. I chose from the stash again, matching some Pagewood Farm Yukon with some Madelinetosh Tosh Sock.

Every week we got a new clue; sometimes I was ready for it, more often I was not. And always I went to the Ravelry group postings to look at other knitters' images and get a sense of where the project was headed ~ it didn't remain a mystery for long. I made a few modifications to the finasl clue to ensure enough yarn to finish. The thing was done in a day shy of six weeks ~ my fastest shawl, certainly. And surprisingly lovely!

OK: one more, and I won't yet write about the two that are curently on my needles. This is the Coquille Shawl from a 2010 Knitty, which I made in some Tess' Twinkle Toes that I bought onsite in Maine that same September. Because I must've misread the specs, I didn't quite have enough yarn to make it symmetrical, but when it's wrapped around my neck, you cannot see the short end (that's also cut off in this picture). It's soft and warm, and that's what matters as winter approaches!