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A baby was born in December . . .

 . . . and I made her a quilt.


Just about a year ago, quilter Elizabeth Hartman, who blogs at Oh, Fransson!, offered her billboard quilt concept as a quilt-along in a series of instructional posts. Intrigued, I cast about for the words I might use in such a quilt, or a recipient for whom I could start a new project. I didn't ponder long, as a dear colleague had recently shared her expectant status with us; surely the coming baby girl could use a quilt. I queried mom-to-be Caroline as to nursery color plans, and the neutral-loving curator unwittingly offered a perfect background for some patchy letters. Off to the LQS I went for some Kona Ash, abubdant scrappage already in house for the letter piecing. 

As I enjoyed the process, I excitedly shared progress pix with the rest of our team and offered this as our staff gift to Caroline. Amusingly, we had an exhibition at the time, Martin Johnson: FORward, that included a piece that hugely reminded me of my own work-in-progress (but I can't find a shot of it in this online slideshow).We all signed the sheepy panel on the back of the quilt and presented it to Caroline in December, about a month before her due date. Baby Meriwether surprised her parents the next day! 


DSC_0139     DSC_0142