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New dress, new job

Good Lord, how do I let three months pass without posting? Actually, I know how easily family time and work and home management and volunteering and reading and making and this internet fill up my days. I remember six years ago when I was waiting for Little B and moved into my VisArts job at 25 weekly hours ~ the building wasn't yet ronovated, my office was upstairs (where Digital II is now), social media was not part of my job duties, and we had no online registration. And I blogged about three times a week, for the fun of it as well as to meet the standards of the blogring. Remember those? What an explosion the blogosphere has seen in my nine years of writing here! 

The responsibilities of my position grew as well, and as much as I enjoyed meeting them, the challenges of doing so in a 30-hour week, with two kids at two schools, finally prompted me to take the step I've considered for more than a year, and move into self-employment. I realize I may end up working more than 30 hours a week, but those hours can include ones when the girls are asleep. My non-profit salary won't be hard to match [she writes optimistically], and I am actually paying less for better health insurance that includes the dental I didn't qualify for as a less-than-fulltime employee. I still love the Visual Arts Center and will continue to support it as member, visitor, and student. And the girls have another ArtVenture week there at summer's end.

I have some interesting prospects percolating, I met with my first client this week, and colleagues are generous with offers to guide me into this new venture. First, though, I'm actually taking a summer sabbatical, joining the kids in experiencing some unplanned days to rest and recharge. We've never shared a summer break in my parenting decade! I will be musing on my business plan and designing my website, but I will also pick more blueberries, harvest volunteer tomatoes, ride bikes, bake brownies, and read a novel or two. We also have a house asunder, as Wee C moved back into her own room, dispersing my sewing studio, and the music room needs to share space as my home office. Files and fabric are piled on every floor, destined for new homes that aren't yet ready. But we'll get them set, if I can make like Mary Poppins and convince the small fry that *snap* the job's a game! 

And that new dress? I whipped it up over Memorial Day weekend, which we spent on friend Susan's farm away from the usual distractions. I grabbed some Kaffe Fassett quilt fabrics from that other stash on my way out the door, in case I felt like sewing. I also took my machine and a book that I cannot find to note its title here, due to the aforementioned fruitbasket turnover of fiber supplies. Here it is:

Loose and cool, with deep pockets! The yoke and straps (as well as the unseed pockets) are two different fabrics, what with having to use fat quarters. Lotsa purple topstitching! Already my friend Lizzi asked me to make one for her. Guess I can also take in sewing . . .