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Best scarves for best babes

I delivered these scarves in person to their recipients during my year-end break. I think of them as birthday gifts, as I want to acknowledge what a gift to me is each year in these women's lives. The Albers Cowl [Rav link] I blogged about in the last post went to BFF Sarah, nearly three months late for her October day: 


For UNC-employed BFF Lanier, the ~ dare I say it? Carolina blue ~ Rain on the Prairie scarf [Rav link] knit in Rowan RYC Bamboo Soft, only a day after her birthday:


Can I just take a moment to note how grateful I am for decades-spanning friendships? What a treat was that two-and-a-half-hour lunch back on December 29! While they don't live in Virginia, at least the Carolina Triangle is close enough for a road-trip ~ thanks be for these best babes!