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2011 knitting, part two

2011 knitting, part one

Looks like I havent blogged any projects since March. But there were some, of course; I just tend to stick to Ravelry for their recording. Hardly getting my money's worth over here, except that it was handy to have the other blog during our summer heritage tour. How about a quick recap, for old time's sake? And then I will think about evolving the blog ~


First I made another Koigu ruffle, this one for my friend Cheryl after I posted a photo of mine on Facebook and she asked for one.


I also finished these simple ribbed socks for my cousin Susan, who hosted us for her daughter's wedding in April. 


I'm not usually a colorwork gal, but I always liked this pattern in the Webs catalog, and I have had this Elann yarn for years. Waiting for the temperature in which I can wear it! And I think I probably have leftovers for a coordinating hat . . .

Crumwheel    Swirl

For a change from my usual baby booties, I knit two pinwheel blankets this summer. The first is a washable wool, and the second was in assorted shades of Cotton-Ease. Both for boys. I edged the first with crochet and actually can't remember how I finished the striped one (that lives in New Jersey now).