New Year's Ruffle
Late supper - or is it brunch?

Knitalong Cardigan

Back in the fall, designer Becky offered a knitalong to test a new pattern, Catamount. It looked like a good fit for some yarn that had been in my stash since my first trip to Maryland Sheep & Wool in 2005, Seacolors. I hadn't designated a pattern to go with the dyed-in-seawater shades, and I'd lost interest in making one like those displayed by dyer Nanney Kennedy with different color sleeves and such. I finished it in less than two months! Sometimes it's a nice break to knit on bigger needles ~ 


For a while I was ambivalent about this sweater, and I thought about donating it to ART 180's annual Art Karma auction in December. The open-front design seemed like it might emphasize the belly beneath ~ not the best look for perimenopausal me. But I also really liked the yarn and how it turned out overall, so I kept it. Finding perfect buttons at Quilting Adventures may have cinched the deal: even though they are plastic, I love these purple swirls.

With the wide neckline, not every top works underneath this sweater, but a camisole is good. I haven't tried wearing it unbuttoned, but it made a nice ensemble with my suede skirt. There's a great deal of yarn leftover, so I will probably make a variety of accessories from the rest ~ maybe matching sets of mittens for the whole family!