Yes, I knit this fall
Knitalong Cardigan

New Year's Ruffle

We popped over to Virginia Beach for a change of scenery with our friends Barbara & Gillian on Thursday the 30th, so I looked around for a simple knitting project to take along. Even though I wouldn't have car-knitting time, I anticipated pool knitting and new-year-countdown knitting. I have a couple other shawls in the works but they involve charts; I really wanted something sort of turnkey that I could associate with our New Year's getaway. When I attended (my LYS) The Yarn Lounge's October workshop with Anne Hanson in October, the shop had a Churchmouse Yarns display of patterns and samples and Barb's Koigu Ruffle caught my eye. With plenty of KPPPM in my stash, I eagerly grabbed a copy ~ and found it just the thing to take to the beach as 2010 came to a close.


 It's pretty simple: cast on many hundreds of stitches, knit a few rows, then a few decrease rows. A center section of plain stockinette, then back to increases and longer rows. I finished in nine days, five of which were back to regular workaday life. The pattern suggests an option of pressing the ruffles out, but I think I like the curlicue version just fine!