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Made in Maine

Two years ago I bought the most luscious silk yarn at The Yarn Lounge and started knitting a free pattern I found on Ravelry, the Drop-Stitch Scarf. I have no idea why I took two years to finish. Well, that's not true: I always start new projects before the WIPs are complete! But I spent last week on vacation in Maine, from which this purple stuff (Halcyon Yarn Gemstone Silk 2/5) originated, and found it fitting to finish it there. 


Have a look at that porch from the other side: 

Much knitting occurred, as well as reading, sleeping, eating, drinking, boating, walking, swimming, shopping and Mad Men-watching (Season 3). And moose! I nearly drove into a mother and calf as we crossed the state at midnight; they were magical in the moonlight. I knit the bulk of Lanesplitter's rectangle and am working on the waistband as I blog; I also added another good chunk to my Volt shawl. In case you haven't guessed, this was an adults-only adventure, for which I was long overdue!