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Close Encounters of the Sheep & Goat Kind

On Sunday I braved the heat and visited some wooly friends who were surely a lot hotter than I: the flock at Juniper Moon Farm. I recently discovered Susie on Twitter (@shepherdsusie) and, reading through her blog archives, learned that she had landed not so far away from us. As I was returning from a mommy-getaway overnight trip to Charlottesville, I wrote and asked if I could stop by on the way home ~ not knowing the temperature would be well over 100 degrees on the day of my visit! 

Susie was a great and gracious host despite the weather, and introduced me to the sheep and goats huddled in the shade. The three farm dogs greeted us enthusiastically, but I missed photographing them -- or Susie herself! And I left the equine newcomers to their new pasture since they had only arrived hours before me. I'm nowhere near the photographer Susie is, and I can't tell you their names, but here are some faces. 






If you don't know, this was the first farm to offer CSA shares ~ I'm going to buy one for 2011. I love my food CSA and my meat buying club, so why not support someone else who's doing good farm work relatively locally? Juniper Moon also hosts farm stays, so I'm checking the calendar to see when the girls and I might spend a weekend there. My grandfather had a farm property in addition to a home in the city; although it stayed in our family into my childhood, the only time I remember visiting was to relocate some kittens my mom couldn't handle. I want my girls to have a better sense of where things come from ~