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New Project

When I look at my Ravelry queue, why can't I see that I have a silk scarf, a Koigu shawl and a log-cabin blanket each in the works? And the Scarf of the Rat, purchased from Morehouse two years ago in the year of the rat, and not yet complete. Surely the purple drop-stitch one could be done darn quickly, if I made it my TV knitting in this sweeps month. Yet I spent more than an hour last night searching the free patterns on Ravelry to find something to do with the four gradient skeins of Tess' Superwash Merino Lace I bought at Maryland a year ago.  

At the time I was plotting Eunny's Spectrum Scarf, free via Knitting Daily. But when I go back and look at it, I can't get enthused about holding four strands of laceweight at once. I have many scarves I love already, and at least one other I bought delicious yarn for also last May. So, after lots of browsing, I settled on the wrap called Upstairs.I think this pattern will be interesting with my four gradient colorways. We'll see! I'm casting on wider than the pattern, which does nine repeats across; I'm thinking of 11, which will mean starting with 127 instead of 105 stitches. Stay tuned ~

Secret stitching

Here's a peek at an embroidery project I'm collaborating on. I'm 90 percent sure the person it's a secret from doesn't read the blog, but I'm not taking any chances!

I have done some embroidery in my past, but not in ages ~ seriously, I'm thinking back to the 1980s. So I'm actually having a lot of fun revisiting the stitches. This couching was a new one - I think!

Secret stitching

A Little Fame

See that magazine I'm holding down there in the prior post while modeling my new sweater? I was featured in the My Style column of a local bimonthly magazine, R-HOME, and I worked on Rooibos when the photographer came to shoot me and some of my treasures. Of course I would wear something I knitted, but I'd actually started the day in my Tempest cardigan . . .


. . . but I changed into my good old Sitcom Chic in order to match the chair, newly upholstered in some Amy Butler fabric. She's one of my faves, a fondness I share with Karen of Darling Octopus Decor, who also used Butler fabric on the rehabbed table beside me. My friend Patience, a/k/a Kindnessgirl, brought me the orchid in December 2008, after I let her know I'd dreamed that she gave me an orchid. I ordered the rug from Home Decorators Collection when they sent me a hefty discount coupon (because, y'know, I do like to shop local at La Difference!).

The large print behind me is by Tanja Softic, who was born in Bosnia and teaches at the University of Richmond. The smaller piece is an oldie but goodie: a serigraph by Juan Logan from an edition of 100 printed in 1996 to support the U.S. Senate campaign of Harvey Gantt, who unsuccessfully challenged the late Jesse Helms in my home state.

I'm flattered to have been included in the magazine, although it was rather close on the heels of a November spread on my monthly Stitch & Bitch in Style Weekly's monthly Belle. I tried to postpone, but editor Brandon would have nothing of it. And so not only it is an arts issue, it's a VisArts issue, since my colleague Aimee's sweet loft building in Petersburg gets a big article, as does the bungalow of Pam Anderson, an artist on our board.