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Glove love

I realized in the recent snowstorm that I just don't have the perfect pair of gloves. Lovely green kid cannot take on snow, and are not all that warm; same goes for the unlined purple pair I bargained for the last time I was in Firenze. Polarfleece gloves work in the snow and have grippers to hold the steering wheel, but they are none too attractive (still love ya, Lands' End!) Assorted suede ones don't quite cut it in warmth or fit either. I've knitted mittens, but forget those for driving, especially when I still have a five-point carseat to buckle. But, hey, I'm a knitter: I can make gloves!

 I headed for the stash and found some superwash sock yarn purchased on eBay early in my yarn-buying days. I used the other hank I "won" from that vendor to make my first pair of socks. (Cece sells from her site now; I don't know if she is still using eBay since that was an age ago.) Since I have two or three purple coats, this Grape Juice colorway is ideal ~ it looks damn pretty here on the blog, too. I'm knitting these at 6 st/in from Ann Budd's basic pattern in The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, my second pair ever; the prior pair was knit at a smaller gauge for a friend. 

One great thing about making things yourself is that you can make them fit really well. While I may still be learning how to do that with sweaters, it's easy with gloves because you can try on each finger as you knit. So, the fingers, they are perfect. However. With the first glove and its perfect fingers complete, I find I want there to be more glove between the cuff and the start of thumb. In the photo (It's really hard to photograph your own hand!) you may not be able to tell, but my wrist bone is there in the middle of the ribbing. Never having the thumb yet in place (it's knit last, with the stitches on a holder) while I tried the glove-in-progress on, I didn't realize this would be the case. So I shall modify on the second glove, adding rows before I start the thumb, and then either make a third, or cut off the first cuff, add more rows and knit down ~ scary!