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Another Made Thing (Facebook version)

I handed over the fourth item I made as a result of the Facebook promise detailed below in the Thanksgiving post. I knitted a wrap for Amy from three skeins of Knit One Crochet Too Mousse, a mohair blend that's also variegated in color. I swooped at her while she was greeting some other friends before the Christmas eve service began at church, so it wasn't really a place for me to gauge a response. The thing is huge: 13 x 96 inches, knitted on US9s with some yarnovers and garter rows but no pattern. I hope she likes it. 


Help 20 Non-Profits

Sideshow Theatre Company NFP Are you on Facebook? Have you received requests about the Chase Community Giving Program? My friend Scottie Caldwell is an artistic associate, founding donor & staff member of Sideshow Theatre Company in Chicago ("Familiar Stories. Unorthodox Methods. Perpetually curious.") Sideshow is participating in this incredible grant opportunity: Chase is awarding $25K to 100 small non-profits across the country, all based on the number of votes cast for each company on Facebook.

Just recently, Sideshow was in the top 100. But just barely. They've been working their talented butts off for weeks on this project, and the results are showing. IT IS A TIGHT RACE, and even a handful of votes could mean the difference between a huge grant and no grant at all. There's just today and tomorrow left to vote. This grant would cover more than HALF of Sideshow's current annual budget. And it is totally within reach--they just need your help, now. Sideshow, with a volunteer staff of 11 people, is competing against other non-profits ten times its size. They need your help. Everyone gets 20 votes, and you can only use one vote per company. If you have friends working for other non-profits, vote for them too.

1. Vote! It takes literally 20 seconds and four clicks of a mouse, and you can do it here on Facebook.
2. Encourage others to vote for Sideshow. Tell all those friends you have on Facebook about Sideshow. Get them as excited about this company as you are. Even just posting it as your Facebook status or Tweeting the link above could mean $25,000 for Scottie's little non-profit theatre.

Sock A1, done

 [Look, it's my second post via iPhone!] I just finished a sock. It may or may not be snowing. The relation between those two statements is that the sock is lacy and knit in a wool/soysilk/cotton/chitin blend (from Ellen's Half-Pint Farm), so I'll feel perfectly just in following my preferred mode of avoiding Second-Sock Syndrome by starting another pair before finishing this one. Sock A1, sock B1, sock A2, sock B2. No idea which yarn I'll grab for pair B, but I kinda feel like an unpatterned pair for a change. I bought this yarn at MS&W in 2008, so it would be nice to finish the pair by May. The phone pic is pinking the purple, as far as true color goes. I'll model it in another shot for Ravelry. This is my first try at a Cookie A. pattern, too; I wanted a springy sock for this yarn, and she offered many options. I'm generally intimidated by her patterns, so I bought her book to get over my fear ~ then ended up beginning with a free one from Knitty. I do love me some Knitty!

Cupcake outing

B and I decided to check out Richmond's newest cupcakery this afternoon. Her first impression was overwhelmingly positive, as Carytown Cupcakes has painted its walls her favorite color, pink. I love to watch her eat a cupcake. She licks the chocolate icing off unhurriedly, taking an occasional cake bite from the side. She's still holding the wrapper in her right hand and refused my offer to take it from her. Does she like the bossa nova coming over the speakers? Yes, but she needs to go to the bathroom. And that wrapper? She's coming back to finish every last crumb!

I am waiting to eat mine with Wee C. I like the lack of icing excess as compared to a couple other local cupcakeries, but I'm not sure any cupcake should cost $2.75 ~

Cupcake outing