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Returning to Maryland

TempestaceroAlmost a year ago this was a coupla hanks of Brooks Farm Acero, their silk/wool/nylon sock yarn. This pattern, Tempest, appeared in Spring 2008 Knitty right before Sheep and Wool. Both my friend Frances and I chose this yarn, in differing colorways, to make this sweater, and we'll take them back with us tomorrow!

As I barely needed my third skein, I can have matching socks (this is a sock yarn, after all). I bought 11 glass buttons from Shipyard Point Glassworks in Franklin, Maine, (also purchased at MdS&W) so that’s how many buttonholes I made, using 1 YO rather than binding off 2st because these buttons are wee. That worked out with my modification of dropping one of the waist stripes. These are two alternating sets of buttons but I am happy with the look!  And now I must finish getting ready to hit the road in the morning ~