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I can't believe I've not posted in more than three months, but then again, I can. Life gets in the way, Ravelry has taken over much of the initial impetus for this fiberlog, and Facebook connects me to people. I waver on whether I should keep it up, but for now I will, and gladly post some things I've made since I finished those socks in January!

Kim  Taken with my phone at ART180's annual Art Karma, this is the scarf I made for the December auction, and new owner Kim. The Denyse Schmidt-inspired scarf was actually stitched at Kim's request, with lots of repurposed fabrics ~ and then she bought it in the auction!

I made three more for friends for Christmas, using more vintage kimono fabrics and some other stashed silks.



This is the quilt for Baby Jake, made in November and December with the participation of all the kids in mom Sarah's preschool class (including Little B). The kids drew on the squares with a Sharpie and added his/her first initial; I hand-quilted those marks after putting it all together. Jake's three months old now and word is, he loves it.

In February I took a two-color knitting class at The Yarn Lounge, because I needed to get over my fear of Fair Isle. Stewart took a picture for the shop blog's FO Fridays feature; I wasn't exactly wearing the best outfit to match, not did I get to look in the mirror. But I knit it, and another one nearly the same with the green as the primary color ~ but it doesn't have the corrugated ribbing. The pattern was written by the teacher. And now i think I will even try knitting a yoked sweater sometime later this year!
I worked on that hat when my extended family got together for our annual ski weekend. On that Saturday four of us gals went on a little fiber crawl, visiting two nearby shops. My cousin Peggy and I were determined that our Aunt Anne should learn to knit socks! As I didn't hae a sock project in hand, I bought some Cherry Tree Hill and started a pair of Nutkins that I am calling the Family-Tree Nuts.

I hae finished the first sock and half of the second, getting to knit my first short-row heel in the experience. And now a cousin on the other side, who saw these sox-in-progress when we were together for spring break, may be their recipient!