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Two Objects Finished

Before I retreated to the mountains the other weekend, I finished the Clementine Shawlette ~ so I could start a new project on my getaway. I had begun this right when it appeared in Interweave's Spring 2006 issue, in the specified yarn, Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, from the Yarn Lounge. Just took me awhile to focus on its completion. I am darn proud of having kitchenered 69 stitches, which I did while watching the third presidential debate. You know what I need, though? Instructions for left-handed grafting . . .


On the quilting front, I had the great pleasure Saturday of handing this over to Patience, even as its actual one-month-old intended snuggled and suckled on the rainy elementary school grounds.


I forgot to measure it, but it's not very big, maybe around 30 x 36"? It's a variation on a doll quilt I made for a challenge, prompted by a set of charm squares, some of which I cut to other sizes. They were a nice fit with the orange print I had left from the border of my last quilt. I began without a plan, then ran into Patience at a Women & Children for Obama rally, where she mentioned seeing some of my stitches online. Immediately, I asked, How do you feel about orange? For Lyra? Who was born six days later. Their firstborn son was Wee C's kindergarten classmate, so Patience & I met on the playground a couple years ago. When Caroline started riding the bus and the school stopped "parent pick-up," our paths didn't cross any longer, but the magic internets reconnected us. (Thank you, John Sarvay.)

After the rally we both ended up at the playground, where Patience introduced me to someone who looked familiar: she was Ann, a local knitting blogger I'd never managed to cross paths with. And she was the second one for me that day, as earlier, Ravelry pal Libby had come up and introduced herself!


My girls on Betsy's scooter, the Betsy I work with who's standing on the other side of Libby, whom she knew already in real life. The signs are all the ones I made for us three; one of us has a fondness for a certain letter ~

Remember the Trek-Along?

I finally finished these socks I began two years ago. Margene and Norma started the Trek-Along with the idea that the knitter would take her sock-in-progress on some hikes that summer. Of course, I've made several other items in that same period -- but I did take the first sock to both Boston and Montreal. It's just that I've changed computers since then and I don't know where to find the image files.


When I knit socks, I like to knit two pairs, doing one first sock then the other first sock before doing the two mates. So now I have the second roundabout sock to finish.

PS That's my coworker friend Sally, their recipient, holding the socks. My office nook is the blue one beyond; we took the photo against Betsy's orange wall (Sally's is green).