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On the Wall

My quilt really is on view in our 2008 Faculty + Staff Exhibition! The girls and I attended the opening, as did our beloved Pam, for whom I made it. It's called Beacon and she gets it because she is like a beacon to all the kids she loves and cares for. Yea, Pammy! The girls were too wiggly in the shot with her in it, so here's one from when I handed the camera over to her:


Next up on the sewing machine is a baby quilt for my new cousin (second cousin? She's my cousin's daughter. I always get that stuff confused.) Oh, and last to leave the Singer was that skirt I am wearing in the photo, made to the same formula as the ones I made for the girls last summer. I cut it out then, too, but, like my CeCe, it took until this summer to finish it.

And: I forgot to announce a "contest," but a prize will soon be on its way to 2000th commenter Kay!

Lucky Swapper

Although I missed Doll Quilt Swap 3, I'm a happy participant in DQS4. In case it hasn't become obvious, I love making these little quilts, and the Flickr groups always inspire me. Burt surely one of the best aspects is coming home to an unexpected package, as I did this week. Mine had traveled across the country, bringing me this beauty:


Img_0137Thank you so much, Anita! And that's not all! My sweet swapper realized that some stuffed friends would always be welcome in our house, and Wee C claimed the blue mouse for her own as soon as I opened the box and unwrapped them. Aren't we lucky?

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