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Squaring Up

If it's summer, I must be knitting squares! Well, that held true in 2006, and I'm back with my bag-o'Saucy once more, inspired again by Mason-Dixon Kay. Who, in turn, was inspired by quilter extrordinaire Denyse Schmidt. The latter's book features a design called What a Bunch of Squares, which Kay replicated last summer. That freehand translation is now available on Ravelry as Buncha Squares ( as well as in the post linked above). If Kay's version is the traditional quilter's did Courthouse Steps, mine is Log Cabin. Kay called hers “Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Green, White, White, White, White”; mine is Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Green, Green, White, White.” With the option of subbing in tan for a white now & then. My squares are about 12”; I’ll probably make 16 of them. I finished #7 last night. Here are the first six:


One Roundabout

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Here's the first of a pair of Roundabout Socks, free pattern found on Ravelry, knit in Lorna's Laces, color Buck's Bar. Not as high on the calf as I usually knit, because these felt a little tight, and maybe I was seeing quicker satisfaction of finishing.
So before I cast on the second sock, I am going to finish the second Trekking sock that I started two summers ago. Those are L O N G socks, for my long tall Sally friend. I've been knitting them on a pair of Addi circulars, but I've decided for sure now that I prefer DPNs ~ especially my KnitPicks DPNs. Hopefully the switch will not have major impact ton the knitted fabric.