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CeCe by the Sea


OK, that's actually Bogue Sound, but I indeed finished my CeCe, finally, by the sea in N.C. a few days ago. This morning, when we shot this, CeCe still needs blocking, and I'm not wearing any "foundation" garment, but overall I am happy to have this new sweater ~ which I began in August 2006! I set it aside when autumn came on, and did the same thing the next August-into-fall. Wasn't going to let that happen again! Knit in Rowan Calmer, and I think it's a perfect yarn for this design. I wish I could've made the 3/4-sleeve version, but the pattern suggested I'd be cutting it pretty close; I think I even checked with Bonne Marie about it. Now I have about a ball left over, so I'll be on the lookout for something to make of it.

Nina's Doll Quilt

Nina's Doll Quilt
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I think this is the littlest quilt I've made so far, measuring just 10" x 15.5". I'd admired this pattern in several doll quilts made by Lynn (egg money), and suggested to the Doll Quilt Challenge group on Flickr that we all give it a try. So it became the May-June challenge. I'm giving it to the newcomer to Little B's daycare who missed the ones I made the other girls for Christmas. Behind the froggy border is a playful underwater print on the back.

I knew I wanted to try this one but didn't think I had enough of a solid in the stash. I was going to the LQS to get white/natural Kona for my two-year-old Block Swap blocks, and found the green cotton on sale. These corners are all scraps, mostly from other little quilts I've made in the past year. I may try another with more coordinated corners, perhaps all pinks and oranges. Fun pattern!


Beacon front
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This 34- x 40-inch quilt came about rather randomly. I have so many little strips and scraps that one night I assembled some into a couple of squares, not knowing where they'd end up. Honestly, I don't remember how I came to match them up with the cream-colored background print and the little two-inch squares I've had for ages from a pre-cut set I bought from Keepsake Quilting. But I do know that I found myself doodling in a meeting shortly thereafter and came up with the quilting design. I used a variegated neutral thread for the machine quilting, which is all straight lines or circles. I'm calling it Beacon because of the stitched circles radiating behind the narrow column.

2568839752_68b81bfe6dI guess this is the second quilt I've made (the other the tiny doll quilt for the LQS challenge) where I am not using a pattern at all and just creating it out of my head. Which is fun! I'm still working on other projects that cross a range, design-wise, from traditional to improv, but none as guideline-free as this.

2568839810_5b7057bb80I think that the back of this quilt is almost as interesting as the front. I used some fat quarters and other bits of browns and neutrals that I didn't picture using elsewhere, along with some more of the little squares. Many of the folks I've shown it to have said they like both sides equally. But if i get to exhibit it in the faculty/staff show at my workplace, Ill be hanging the lighter side out. That's in August, and showing this is my plan ~ yea!

Maggi and the Giant Balls

Img_0258I just keep thinking of Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach when I look at this scarf, Bright Stripes from Wrap Style.

I already wrote about how I came to start this instead of some other one-skein project. When it came time to make the pom-pons I used my Clover maker that only makes two sizes of balls ~ and this is the smaller size. Once I'd used up so much yarn in the first one, I felt there was no turning back, and ended up with four total. I know I could trim them, but this isn't inexpensive yarn! So, being the anti-symmetry gal that I am, I attached three to one end and one to the other. I'm not sure I could give this wonkiness as a gift, so I'll look forward to trying it out for warmth and practicality in the winter. With the temperature here pushing 100 today, I'm staying as far from wool as possible!

PS> Camera battery was dying so I couldn't re-shoot for better focus. Apologies.