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Knitters for Knockers

Oh, it's been a few weeks now since the Komen Race for the Cure, but we did it! Here's a team shot that Lou took and may have appeared elsewhere already:


What with the stroller and the two girls swapping spots, we didn't stick with the group for long. But it was a pleasant walk, and we were with some other friends, and we finished and got our lovely medals at the end. Plus we raised lots of money to fight breast cancer!



Img_0175Sheep & Wool central, folks, where Frances & I spent eight happy hours breathing in the yarn fumes and spending with restraint. We visited one big barn of actual sheep, and skipped two vendor barns (as well as everyone on the east side). Our arrival was perfectly timed for good parking and 9 AM entry to the grounds. We headed straight for the folks who were dealing Koigu, bypassing the ridiculously long lines for festival T-shirts and Socks That Rock yarn. And we selected some lovely mill ends, even though the price was higher than when the dyers brought it directly from Canada.


I know, I know, I still haven't knit up the green run of ends I scored in 2006, but I will, and this brown bunch, too!

We saw lots of Richmond folk ~ Stewart, Melanie, Suzanne, Lou, Amanda, Beth and Monet ~ and Maryland gals Lolly and Sarah (with sleeping Snargle-baby strapped on). I fondled Brooks Farm Acero with Carrieoke, and like others saw Ma & Pa Rav at the Rabbit Building. The Ravelry buttons were all gone, and tonight we were too tuckered out to make the trek to the party, but I remain ever grateful to the Ravelry MSW group for all the great preparation it provided, and of course to Jess & Casey for creating Ravelry in the first place. Instead of venturing afield, we are knitting and drinking wine, having enjoyed some yummy Chinese food delivered right to our third-floor Courtyard door.

My animal encounters started on Thursday's first-grade field trip to Virginia Safari Park and Natural Bridge. This baby llama hiding behind mama was just three or four weeks old. So clean and white, and undoubtedly soft!