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Auction quilts -- and a cookbook

Remember Empress Woo? Turns out my friend Kim, who asked for donations for that particular fundraiser, was its buyer at the event! She waited to confess that to me in person, at the November S&B earlier this month. And she brought with her a copy of her latest accomplishment on behalf of ART180, a cookbook she conceived and edited with a team of volunteers. I never submitted a recipe, but I'll be buying a lot and giving them for Christmas. Kim's knitting pot holders to felt in matching colors; I may try making some coordinating quilted ones.


The annual Art Karma event is coming up this week, also for ART180 and also pretty Kim-instigated. This 19x25" doll quilt will be one of the 100+ auction items:


Img_1425And getting back to this month's S&B, what fun to have Teri-Kay back after a long absence, and sporting this amazing alpaca mondo-poncho! She regaled us with the tale of her end-of-show purchase of three fleeces at Maryland Sheep and Wool for $5 apiece. She found a mill to process the fiber and ended up with 30 skeins of luscious softness that she's been knitting into all sorts of goodies.

Uh-oh, it's been ages!

Ooops, there went about a month and a half! I have been stitching, and working, and parenting -- and watching some TV -- and neglecting to blog. Sorry about that! Last weekend was the Craft & Design Show that is the major fundraising event for my employer. In two weeks a huge renovation celebration follows, so the load has been extra heavy. Fun times! Really.
Img_1404_2In my head I composed a post entitled "Don't Look, Dr. Mix!" that would preview this purple pair I sent along to a friend's daughters. As I mailed them a few weeks ago, I've no need to advise Debbie to avert her eyes. For baby Georgia, the standard booties I now make by heart. In my Ravelry I have a list of all the babies I have made these for, and the count, if I'm accurate, is up to a dozen pairs (and one baby got a set of three). These are Claudia's Hand Paint in Purple Earth, with Purple Dot ties (from The Loopy Ewe, of course).

I think it's been apparent, despite the dearth of posting, that I have been spending a lot of time at the sewing machine this year. Which meant that I happened to have an extra doll quilt in the works that lacked an intended recipient. Off it went to big sis Sadie, because I knew how much Wee C appreciated receiving her own gift when one arrived for Little B. Off it went despite the fact that these girls have a grandmother who owns a quilt shop called Little Quilts!


Yet again, this is a quilt inspired by a Flickr Doll Quilt Challenge assignment. My abundance of purple fabric gave me a unifying theme. And I am certain that at least one of them was purchased at Little Quilts!