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Doll Quilt Swap II

  DQSII ~ Quilt from Margy 
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My little quilt arrived from Margy in Belgium -- it took a month and was totally worth waiting for! She calls it Shopping Birdie (the back is a turquoise print with ladies and their shopping bags "drawn" in black)  and I LOVE it! Hand- and machine-applique, hand quilted ~ and due a little freshening steam after its long journey. How could she know I like birds? Maybe she read the "About Me" page. Merci, Margy!

I have three other little quilts in the works now, and more in my head. One is for the girls, one is to be a surprise gift and one is the August Doll Quilt Challenge. that last is going to end up too large to qualify, but I am loving it the best of the three. In my head and on some sketch pages I am beginning to think about the LQS challenge quilt. For ten bucks I got five fat quarters that have to appear on the front of this small quilt with finished dimensions between 12" & 24". Yesterday I stopped in for some template plastic and a half a yard more of one of the additional fabrics I'd already selected.

Waiting in the wings: a full-size Amy's Lotus Brick Path Quilt, her free pattern that I've already modified a bit in order to use every bit of fabric. I did the cutting ages ago, it seems, before I was led down the doll quilt path!

Socks In, Socks Out

Look what came in the mail yesterday!


Arent they gorgeous?! Nancy Bush's Anniversary Socks, knit for me by Jen of 144 Inches of I-Cord. Plus yummy French soap and Koigu and a cool fashion-photo card! They fit like a dream:


Thank you, [not at all, as far as I can tell] Mean Girl!

And leaving home for the other coast, this:


I knotted that scrap of sock yarn before I took the picture. Not oo far into my morning tea, obviously!