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Not Too Bad


Well, OK, I am getting the hang of a little hand quilting. I'm glad Joyce at the LQS recommended short quilting needles, and that I have a great variegated purple cotton thread left from Sallie's quilt. When all is done I will photograph both sides, even though the stitch length on the back doesn't match the front. The stitches show up there, though, as it is a big bright Fleurish print ~

There's one thing I need help with, though: I can't remember how to bury my knots at the end of a stitching thread. I'm good with the starting knot, but I'll be darned if I know what to do at the finish. DQSwappers or other quilters, advise if you can; that would be so much faster than the Googling that would lead me awander all over the internets! I've only ever hand-quilted with perle cotton doing a square at a time on the sampler quilt of a decade ago, so that was a somewhat different beast ~

Travel, stitching

More than two weeks since I last posted, whoops! We went on a trip to Colorado for five days, and I knit another pair of baby booties, the easiest travel knitting I know. Just need to weave in the ends and take them across the street to my neighbor who is due to deliver her girl-child quite soon. (Meanwhile, the prior pair sits on the newel post waiting to be handed off to a boy who's now nearly three months old ~ and hardly needs his tootsies covered when it's 90 degrees outside!)

On Saturday I presented the Turning Ten quilt to my goddaughter Sallie ~ and I forgot to take my camera along to her house. I'm patiently waiting for her parents to email me the images they shot. Her tenth birthday was June 14th, but as we were departing at the crack o'dawn on the 15th, I begged a week more ~ and still finished attaching the binding (and label) after she'd unwrapped the gift. By that point, the gin & tonic helped my stitches!

Before we headed out west, though, I pieced the nine-patch squares for a disappearing nine-patch doll-sized quilt that will be my swap offering for the Doll Quilt Swap II. Coincidentally, I may also post it to the monthly Doll Quilt Challenge on Flickr, since I let that guide my fabric selection. When I sliced into the first square this week, I failed to go downstairs for the camera, and now I am really sorry that I have no "before" picture. Live and learn. Last night I sandwiched the top, batting and back and basted it a bunch. I am actually going to try hand quilting this little work ~

Pal-Sock the First

The pattern for these is Dublin Bay Socks from the Mossy Cottage Knits blog. is linked there in the sidebar to the left. Thanks, Ryan ~ it's simple yet elegant and does the yarn proud. Said yarn is relatively homegrown, superwash from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I'm making a fourth pair of baby booties before moving on to the mate, but the second skein is wound and ready ~
My photo assistant extended her foot in support of my gesture, and even offered her shoe to the new sock . . .

Sister Dress

I didn't get a model shot but I did make Betsy a coordinating dress, and the girls wore both on Saturday to a party in Little B's honor ~ Maybe I will try also to photograph it off her ever-moving body . . .

Sign Up for Round Two

489210710_133b9a5bc9_t 483248096_342ae7dd59_t The Doll Quilt Swap is accepting participants for a new round, with little quilts to be completed by July 18. Visit the website to see the guidelines and join me in this fun experience, won't you? And read more about this phenomenon sweeping the internets at The Purl Bee, which references our first swap and its Flickr group, as well as some other groups it spawned. We were also cited on Whip Up, which named miniature quilts its May Whiplash challenge. See the showcased submissions here, and be inspired!