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That title is making me think of Star Wars C3PO, but I'm just tickled to report that yesterday I joined the shoulders of Twist after short-rowing them per Nancie Wiseman's handy book of finishing techniques. I trust that I can still block the three body pieces thusly joined because I just couldn't wait to make this project feel more like the sweater that it almost is. Bonne Marie's pattern indicates the usual stairstep bind-off and seaming, but I recalled her as a 3NBO advocate and confirmed by email that is her preferred method, if not one easily specified in a pattern.

Now I am knitting both sleeves at once and getting a feeling that I may wear this sweater before the weather turns warm after all!

Still Knitting

Yes, I am still wielding the needles, if not with the frequency of pre-#2. Copious thanks, by the way, for the many good wishes. Our Betsy is settling in nicely and the Wee C is doing her best to cope with the usurpation of her primacy. En route to China early in December, I mostly completed this pair of my standard baby booties, in some Claudia handpaint Purple Dot from The Loopy Ewe that I noted previously.


While we were away I also worked on a Klee Scarf (kit purchased a while back from this site) in yummy handpainted cashmere as my friend Frances had suggested I have a special project to associate with the trip. I worked on it during a lot of naptimes, but as I was also keeping a baby blog and reading email and other blogs, it is still a work in progress.
As is the tweedy Twist, for which I cast on another front today. In typical fashion I may complete this sweater in time to store it to enjoy in in the fall, but I'm OK with that!