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Y is for Yang Qiong Fei


I did not take this photo, but I post it now because today this lovely child becomes my second daughter, Elizabeth Qiongfei. We are in back in Changsha in Hunan Province after four and a half years, adding a mei mei (little sister) to the mix!

(And, yes, I know I skipped X. Been kinda busy, haven't run into any xylophones or x-rays ~)

NOTE: If you'd like directions to the sister blog for sister, leave a comment or email me.

W is for Window


Yes, I finished the [first-floor] window treatments: a pair of Roman shades in the living room (above) and a pair of full-length tab-top curtains in the dining room (below). I had done the first of the latter a year ago before my mother came to visit, but the room looks so much better with a full set! My trusty Sunset Books' Curtains, Draperies and Shades how-to guide dating from 1979 walked me through the steps again. Although I sometimes wish I didn't have these DIY skills because I could obviously get faster results if I paid for another's services, in truth I am glad for the ability to create and customize with quality on the cheap! We have some great fabric sources here with annual sales, and I'm happy to have finally brought my bargains to their intended ends. A shade for the window at the top of the stairs and curtains for my bedroom are next, but I have other coverings in place so I'm in no rush.


A note on the paint: Dear Frances who owned the house before me chose Flamingo's Dream for the dining room, and it's way brighter than this shot is appearing on my monitor. I chose to accept the challenge of finding a fabric that would united those walls and my Spode Blue Bird tableware!

V is for VisArts


Remember in August when I got a new job? I have always wanted to work for this esteemed arts organization, and even interviewed for a position in 1993. I guess 13 was my lucky number because after that number of years I came home to the former Hand Workshop, now known as the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. The current president/CEO is a poet friend of mine, the programs director and I worked at neighboring museums a decade ago, I served on the Friends of the Library board with another staffer, and know many instructors, directors and supporters. I've been a donor, member and student myself ~ this is where I learned to spin a year ago! I took this picture this morning when VisArts was not yet open, and when the groovy projection window was dark. For much of November it was one more place we promoted the 42nd annual Craft & Design Show, and next month it will probably alert the public that even though there's construction afoot, as a second big renovation phase begins, we're open for classes.