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I'm a Loopy Copycat

But who hasn't taken a cue from Wendy now and then? The other day I saw her new sock blockers from The Loopy Ewe and, having recently brought back the Jaywalkers I'd given to my mother unblocked, the were just what I needed.


I'm not sure they show up so well on the mitered blankie, but they are made of oak and have little sheepy silhouettes at the top. [Get yours here!] And since the Loopy Ewe is sock-yark central, I also got one hank of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Purple Dot to make some ungendered baby booties. I know four or five pregnant gals, half of whom don't know the baby's sex, and I've heard good things about this yarn, so I wanted to try it.

Although I'm seaming the Wrap Sweater from the summer Vogue Knitting for possible holiday wear, I've spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday stitching at the sewing machine. I moved into this house 15 months ago, and bought fabrics around that time for seven window treatments (three pairs and a single for the window at the top of the stairs). I hurriedly completed one dining-room window's worth a year ago before my mom  came here for Thanksgiving, but never finished the pair until now ~ tiebacks and all! Roman shades for the living room are almost installation ready; I'm just sewing in all those pesky rings. Photos when all are done ~ or at least when these downstairs ones are; my bedroom has blinds so it could keep waiting . . .

Blanket Complete


With a three-ridge garter border in two shades of pink, the summer knitting project ends ~ just in time for the approach of winter. Of course, I've started a warm sweater, too, the first half of which kept me from these ends and borders even when the seams were done. This was a great carry-around WIP in its bits & pieces; it logged stitches in Boston, Greensboro and at the pool. I never blocked the individual cotton pieces as the seaming lined them up pretty straight, but I think the change in stitch is making the borders roll. So now I just need to give those edges a bit of steam and it will be ready for laps or naps! Thanks for the inspiration, Kay!

Election Night

Sbnov060001More often than not, S&B and election day coincide, as they did last week. This being Virginia, we were tuned into results coverage as we stitched ~ and we bitched when we thought George Allen might keep his Senate seat. Nevertheless, we had a good time ~ and a somewhat special guest, the only fella who's done more than breeze through as if on some sort of anthropological expedition. Not only did Andy loft younger daughter Julie, he sat and sketched while the girls played. Spouse Cathy showed off the fabulous wrap she'd knit from yarn we slogged through the Montpelier mud to acquire:


If my scanner was connected I'd be showing you the ad she clipped from a NYTimes Magazine featuring her inspiration. Rest assured, her version looks even better!

Sbnov060002Katie was back (as were Beth, Frances, Heather and Pam, who all missed the camera) and working on a hat; I think it's for her daughter. I was so distracted that I don't even remember what Heather was knitting; Frances was also too election-focused to knit. And we welcomed Susan, whom we hadn't seen at knit night in a while, working on her son's scarf ~


Half a Sweater

. . .  and I'm not going to show it to you, mostly because that tweedy yarn is hard to read on the blog. But the back and the left front of Twist are complete and I'm pretty excited at the prospect of a new handknit for the winter, despite today's 70-degree delight. I also remain in the thrall of La Bonne, designer -- and no doubt videographer -- extrordinaire. In the midst of mad Illinois election coverage, she made time to reply to a query of mine, so now I'll short-row the shoulders and 3-needle 'em together.

But first I am going to add a border to the 3 x 3 (or 6 x 6, depending how you want to count) mitered-square blankie, now that I have woven in all the ends. Actually, I didn't weave every end: where more than four ends come together at the centers, I made little braids that are knotted at the end. I'm calling it a design feature, something to add interest on the back side. I figure a kid recipient might have fun fiddling with these dreadlocks ~