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I made marvelous progress on the left front of Twist yesterday. I love me some Bonne Marie! And I was all ready to post proudly about how I had missed a cable twist but dropped down three rows and corrected it, knitting back up with some handy spare Denise ends. But once I had made it all the way through a second 20-row repeat, I could see that something was not right. The next cable after the repaired one, which I'd knit and ripped and knit and ripped and knit again because I wasn't sure just where I was in the chart ~ well, it turned out I'd had it right the second time, because the second pattern repeat is clearly two rows shorter than the first, dammit (I may have made the correction on what would have been a wrong-side row, which could surely add to my confusion).


I set it aside last night to accept the fact that I am going to rip again. I toyed with letting it slide, even with repeating the mistake on the right front so they'd match, but this great design deserves a correct knit (well, other than the first coupla missed waist decreases that I am going to ignore, because I think it'll look fine). In fact, if the back wasn't off the needles already, I'd incorporate the twisting cables on that side, too ~

T is for Tree


Hastily shot in fading afternoon light, but a spectacular setting as far as fall foliage goes. If my batteries hadn't died, this might have been T is for Tire, at the piratical corn maze where we spent a couple hours before I took this ~

And before we left for the Shenandoah hills, I photographed the latest finished object, the long-languishing scarf knit in two colors of the delicious Terra from Maine's Fibre Company, probably Dark Indigo and Nettle. I used three skeins of the merino/alpaca/silk blend, purchased at The Yarn Lounge and knit in semi-stripes in a broken-rib variation: k3 p3 on one side, k1p1 on the other. Think I may have to keep this one for myself. . .


Last Week

The crowd was small but genial a week ago at our October S&B chez moi:
Cathy finishing Maya's purple poncho ~

Heather knitting the scarf to match the earflap cap Wee C is modeling ~

and Michele finishing her lovely version of Grace from Knitty~

Beth and Mary Beth were there too but missed the camera.
And where were you?

S is for Sheep


Yesterday we joyfully slogged through the muck at the 19th Virginia Fall Fiber Festival, happy to bask in the sun after three straight days of rain, cheer on the working dogs, hold baby angora rabbits, watch the raffle shawl be woven and purchase a bit of fiber. We dressed appropriately for the boot-sucking mud, although with a few too many layers once the sun broke through. I was only disappointed that my friend Mary Ann of Three Waters Farm didn't make it, both because I wanted to celebrate having reconnected with her there two years  ago, and because we're on our last bar of their fabulous soap! I did buy some Spirit Trail sock yarn and a needle-felting kit that came with everything but instructions, so if anyone has a great URL for me on that topic, do comment; otherwise I'll Google. Friend Cathy got the thick-and-thin undyed ramboullet she sought for a shawl, and our girls were happy with kettle corn.


S is also for squares and seaming, which have been going hand in hand here for several days since I bound off the 36th for my psycho lap blanket. Now I see why Kay never answered my queries about blocking: the seaming sorta does that for you, and this is cotton, after all. Adding a border will be the final step ~ still considering the exact how-to for that . . .

More sheepy faces:
Sheep0001    Sheep0002