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R is for Rock


Maybe the morning sun was a bit much for these three beauties, but I'm trying to catch up here. And I kept forgetting to take my camera out with me to take a river shot. The Wee C's preschool class took a field trip in May to the Morefield Gem Mine, but she missed it because she was sick. Her friends and teachers didn't make her go home empty-handed, however, and shared these finds with her.

I took "Rocks for Jocks" in my first semester of college and found myself rather enraptured. Suddenly plotting a major, I registered for calculus the next session and promptly earned the first (and only, actually) failing grade of my academic career. Math from another planet, as far as I was concerned, damn it. I still enjoyed oceanography with the brilliant Orrin Pilkey sometime later in my liberal-arts smorgasbord, and remain fascinated with this planet, even as we treat it with utter disrespect ~

Full House

Sbsept060005We had nine knitters for S&B Tuesday, and that doesn't count the small fry. Regulars Cathy C., Heather and Janene missed the camera, while Michele hid behind the lovely log cabin blankie she's knitting from some Lorna's Laces she scored at the closing Got Yarn. (You can click here to see her sitting between Cathy G. and Frances, but she'd rather you didn't.) Latecomer Ann also missed the camera, which was a shame since she hasn't been seen at knit nite in years!

New to the group was Lou, whom I met at one of the weekly knitting groups in town ~ she finished these sleeves for her husband's sweater and showed us some rockin' STR socks in progress.


Lest anyone think I haven't been stitching, note that I now have 30 MDK squares for my little blanket, for which I have revised plans from 48 squares to 36, both to keep it actually square and to ensure the yarn goes the distance. Sneak a peek. I've been going the no-sew (which means minimal seaming) route, so the current layout has some ends tied together. I completed the Wee C's new frock Tuesday, too, and had a heck of a time talking her out of wearing it to school the next day. We found the perfect skirt fabric at our local quilt shop ~ and I'm still knitting more of that leftover cotton into a matching log-cabin purse for one of us!


Q is for Quilt


Pieced but not quilted, laid out for basting. Man, there's a poem in there. This is another 100 Good Wishes Quilt, similar to the two I have made previously. And speaking of good wishes, I am so grateful for the comments, cards and emails I have received in response to the previous post. I just can't reply to each one now, as I must write notes to the ladies, my mother's friends, who womanned the door, ordered the lunch, and tracked the comings and goings at my family home for four days straight. Remarkable, that show of love in grief.  Amazing, the Martha who set right to cleaning our refrigerator. Humorous, the transposition of our secret ratings into the official record-keeping notebook, so that one entry read Anne S: chunky, horseradish kick, paprika ~ without ever noting her gift of deviled eggs!  The start of Wee C's first real school year has made this a time of beginnings rather than endings. Thanks to all, for all ~