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Bye-bye, BeBe

MomblogMy sweet mama died last night with Brotherman and me holding her hands. She was in hospital since Sunday and not conscious when I arrived yesterday at noon, and now she's somewhere or something better after a pretty tough run of years. Granted, those same four years correspond with her grandmother time, so there was plenty good to keep her going. We will miss her. And while she did not teach me to knit, she taught me to sew, which I did for decades before taking up paired needles. We made puppets and dolls and doll clothes together, then clothes for ourselves. When I started meeting people from other parts of the country (whose accents differed from mine), I'd talk about how, in our sewing room, I'd have to ask her for a "P-E-N pen" if  I wanted to write something down, because we'd pronounce pen and pin the same in that room full of sharp objects. It's been a lonesome space since she was limited to the first floor, and it will be especially so now . . .

Attack of the Tomato Killers

I'm no great gardener, but I do like getting my hands dirty and enjoying the fruits of my labor. As I am still getting to know the light of this new landscape while we come up on the one-year mark, I planted my herbs and 'maters in pots so I could move them around as needed. Besides, the beds need some deadwood extracted before they can be replanted, so for that I await the fall. We've eaten perhaps half a dozen small red heirlooms, while giving up the yellow pears to the squirrels, who ate more buds than actual tomatoes. But one day last week I looked out and was surprised to see one stalk separated from the plant and lying on the deck. Curious, that.  But what did I see the next evening?  Utter decimation, desecration, destruction:


Would you like a closer look? What, pray tell, wrought this havoc? I called friend Frances who lived here before me, and she suggested rabbits, but I've only seen one tiny bunny around here ever.  We're way too urban for deer . . . Oh, well, yummy local tomatoes are readily available for purchase, and I'll be better prepared if I try again next summer ~

Off to Montreal tomorrow!  Planning a moment of sit'n'knit with Brainy Alison. Details next week ~ when I'll also finally get around to introducing the new job.

P is for Popsicle


I know, I know, again with the food photo! But this is the ubiquitous summer P at our house, and this particular popsicle is made with pineapple juice to boot! Breakfast, snack or dessert, we cool off with juice on a stick that we freeze ourselves. No high-fructose corn syrup in these babies! Another P was nominated by the popsicle eater, who recently received a bevy of dress-up clothes handed down from my coworker's daughter. Can you guess? The Wee C has a new plan for Halloween now ~

Two Years Later

Presenting, at last, the Brotherman Socks. Knit in Schoeller-Stahl Cotolana, a cotton/nylon/wool blend (probably one for each of the three different color plies). At least I know my skills have improved, because the second one was a lot easier and quicker than the first.


That link noted the first was my fifth sock ever (and I finished it on August 13, so I am actually inside of two full years). Turns out its mate is not the sixth nor the eighth, but the fourteenth. I'm still pretty much a novice when it comes to socks, but #15 is on the needles (Trekking along) and I have yarn for dozens more ~

Tuesday's Stitch

Given the hellish temperature, I felt flattered that seven friends joined us for knit nite this week. I'd set the thermostat back up to 80 when I left in the morning, giving no thought to what a challenge it would be to the system to chill the house back down for evening guests. But they bore with me. Perhaps it was the promise of this, for I think I'd told everyone who showed that Keenan was going to be baking now that she was finished acting for the season:


That's a fresh fruit tart with lime in the creme and just the right amount of chocolate drizzled on top. I forgot to photograph it until it had been served! In true thespian form, the baker read a play while those around her (including mother Frances) stitched or bitched.



Sbaug060004 The feline Frances made straight for the felted cat bed Cathy had brought to show us. As you may recall, Cathy's a crocheter, and she did an excellent job getting her craft on the felting wagon. Her kitten is going to be pleased even while wondering Whose been sleeping in my bed?

Cathy took this picture of me holding up my latest FO, the bodice of another fairy dress for the Wee C, made with the leftovers of my Aztec Sun Vest, which I happened to be wearing. This is neverending soft cotton, and so now I have begun a log-cabin something with the rest of it ~ doll blanket? Princess shawl? who knows, but, like Cara and her clan, I'm finding log cabining as much fun as mitering. I think we'll go to the quilt shop and find a cotton for the skirt for this one, and I want to try out the lucet I got at MdS&W for making the shoulder ties. (Ooo, better do that before I use up all the yarn!) The tulle hasn't held up all that well on the first one, but I have some white eyelet in the wings ready for conversion ~


O is for Ophthalmic Solution


I have conjunctivitis, and this O has been staring me in the face for two days. Dang. I sure would've preferred an encounter with an octopus or an orangutan. I bet there's an orange in the fridge, but I've shot a lot of round foods already. The Wee C is suffering from a different ailment (it was her uncle who communicated the pink-eye, not she) that I fear may be coming my way, just some variation on cough/cold/fever. Not the thing for one's first week on the job. Wait, I don't think I have mentioned my change of employ! More on that later, but here's a hint  from the archives.