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Home Purples


Purple is my favorite color, but it does not surround me at home. These are the highlights in addition to the bottles I posted earlier. The painting in the top row is one of a pair by Giselle Gatreau; the glass "rattle" on the left was made by local artist Brad Pearson.  (Glass bits inside  make noise if you shake it.) My friend Elizabeth made the pillow on the bottom row when we did a fabric exchange  (I made her this quilt.)

Ce Start

Cece My progress hasn't been as swift as I'd hoped, but it's time for a post ~ So here's the latest WIP, CeCe, which I am knitting in lavender Rowan Calmer in honor of Project Spectrum. So far, so good ~ that Bonne Marie can sure write a good pattern. Actually ~ and this has nothing to do with La Bonne ~ I had a little glitch last night and couldn't figure why the count was off, so I fudged a tiny bit . . .

I have a bigger confession to make: Two weeks ago, when it was Fashion First in our local Carytown shopping district, I broke my Summer of Stash pledge and went ahead and bought the Euroflax for the MDK curtain. I should've made this one of my exceptions, because I've wanted it since I got the book well before Memorial Day, and certainly had neither it nor something comparable in the stash. Since Jane already outed my presence at The Yarn Lounge that Thursday, I thought I'd better admit to my purchase. The last time I'd been in, Stewart only had the linen in a coupla neutrals, and I wanted yellow or orange for our powder room. Surprise, I saw some Goldilocks skeins on the shelf, and so I grabbed 'em then & there! I still have several other windows to trim before the bathroom gets made over, but now I won't have to special-order the yarn ~

And near one of those uncovered windows, a glimpse at some of the purples in my home. I believe you can read on my About page that I collect amethyst glass (perhaps because the colored quartz is my birthstone). My new bookcases have underlit plexiglas on their tops, where some of my pieces are displayed ~


N is for Necklace


Or, in my case, necklaces. And of course these are not the sum total of my holdings, accessories maven that I am. But I do like using this tie or belt holder to keep them untangled and within easy reach. Decades of accumulation amassed this set, which includes an enamel medallion my parents brought me from London in the early 1970s, beads I've strung (and restrung) myself, work of local artists like Kim Young, and more far-flung folk like Mariko's friend Amy.

Another Craft

BeadsIn Boston last weekend I had my first experience with Sculpey, the polymer clay that you bake in the oven after creating beads, buttons or butterflies. Our friends only had lots of white and a little purple, and I enjoyed working with that limited palette. I made enough beads for all four of us gals to have matching necklaces (each with a different color of accent bead). Three weird little buttons also await the perfect knit; I wish I'd remebered that CeCe needs one rather big one, because the colors would be perfect with my latest WIP.

After I took this photo, I restrung all of these clay beads into a bracelet with a clasp for the Wee C . . . and made some other jewelry while I was at it!

25 Percent

Squares_1Actually, with this count of 14, I have more than the dozen that constitute a fourth of what I anticipate being a 48-square blanket. I just want a little throw because I'm hoping to use only the yarn I have in hand, and I fear running out of steam if I tried for the 80 Kay suggests in the book. I've been digging this project for its portability and cottony weight ~ perfect for summer.

And I've started a new project ~ more on that when I've knit  more than two rows. It's the right Project Spectrum shade ~

Wet Wednesday

I only had four guests show for July's S&B, probably because we were mid-deluge with flash flood warnings, not to mention it being the holiday week and the actual date shifted by a day. But Beth, Frances, Janene, Michele and I had a swell time (as did the Wee C and her best bud).
Sbjuly50002Sbjuly50001 Beth was in scrapbook mode once again, and had a fancy new tote to haul her pictures and parts. Janene was working on a cross-stitch design that had been her father's project before his death last year. We were all moved to be with her when she discovered where he had stitched his own and his wife's initials into the branches of the trees there beside the Williamsburg governor's mansion. Michele returned with her nearly complete kid's intarsia pullover (below), which the Wee C refused to try on for a fitting, and a new project from Wrap Style for her college-bound daughter.  Frances waved the camera off, as she was concentrating on a delicate lace washcloth knit in the round, beginning with its center. I worked on psycho squares ~ update to come!


Happy Birthday

~ to these United States, and to  Alison, whom I was privileged to meet on Sunday right there amidst her Knitsmiths!


Truly, as brief as it was, meeting her was a highlight of an incredibly fun Boston visit; I've read her blog for years, our kids are the same age, and she rescued me last summer when I misplaced a ball of Calmer. I only wish we could've gotten the boys and girl together, but we were off on so many adventures in our brief four-day stay that it didn't happen. The Wee C says her favorite thing was the Children's Museum, but in the next breath she mentions her pencil from the MFA and the Public Garden's swan boats. I know she loved the Harvard Museum of Natural History and our boat ride to and hike around Georges Island, too. I did!