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H is for Herbs


I always plant a few herbs in the spring, and I usually buy them on the last Saturday in April at Maymont's Herbs Galore. In this shot you may be able to distinguish bronze fennel, sage, basil, mint, fern-leaf lavender and chives. (A pair of tomato plants snuck in as well.) The event is a fun Richmond tradition on the "carriage lawn" of this 100-acre parklike estate.* We met Brotherman there, as well as three other friends, and crossed paths of many more. The Wee C enjoyed a strawberry-banana smoothie and tried her torso at the hula hoop despite the fact that her mom could offer no decent demo ~

*Maymont trivia: The actor Oliver Platt was married at Maymont because his uncle was until recently the director there.

I'm Swatching . . .


.  .  . and it's cotton. Go figure. I couldn't destash this lot because of the memory attached: Michelle & I bought it at School Products when we met there in February 2004. Many of Berta's yarns are unlabeled, so that would have challenged me to put a price on this stuff, which I bought for the IK design pictured (although not in precisely the same colors). It's soft and the gauge on US6s is comfortably loose, so I'm gonna give it a go!

G is for Girl


Grinning, too.  I went past the deadline looking for something less obvious ~ or moreso, as I shot some close-ups of grass that somehow disappeared. Garden seemed too large, especially on the heels of forsythia. So here she is, my Easter chick, gorgeous, good, growing.

Wednesday at Knit Happens


Look, Kay and Ann signed my book, live and in person! (Photo by hostess with the mostest Kristine, for whom I wore the  Scrum Shawl that  I credit her with naming.) My quick trip up the interstate was completely worth the trauma of the last seven miles that took half an hour as they were made on a stretch of the infamous beltway during evening rush hour. I got to fondle the mitered-square blanket I aspire to copying, and the Euroflax nightie, and the felted boxes I may now make for Wee C's teachers instead of buttonhole bags ~ still taking instructions from Kay again this year. I delivered some of the stash she took off my hands ~ cotton, of course ~ and brought back a hug for C. And I am so happy to have finally met Ann, my fellow Southerner, who told me of our mutual friend's recent engagement. Wendy was there, too, of course, and Ann, and Holly from the shop, and visiting Rowanette Jacinta. Alas, Sarah and Lolly had heard the gals the night before, so our paths didn't cross. Now to get down to savoring the book!

Stitchin' Fools

Picture_0141_1 We had a kid-filled S&B for April earlier this week: they weren't stitching, but coloring eggs ~ all of which ended up looking more like olives than anything else, due to multiple dunkings. Thanks to the time change , however, we did let them play outside for a good while first.

Crochet nearly ruled the day, as Cathy G. was teaching our colleague, newcomer Shanelle, to wield the hook. She also brought her latest creation, a turtle rattle for her new niece, to show off. It captured the attention of Julie, another first-timer and Tuesday's youngest attendee.


Sbapril060001Heather wore her lovely poncho and worked on a new afghan, while Beth (wearing my sweatshirt, yes) spent some time organizing photos for scrapbooking. Sbapril060005I was using a sewing needle myself, whipping the yoke facing to the inside of my new skirt. Moms Cathy C. and Kathy S. mostly wrangled the small fry, but I sold some stash to one of them!

Michele arrived later to work on a Rebecca sweater for her daughter. It's from last year's spring book that inspired many bloggers to make that wrapping eyelet sweater (that I'm still considering) and has an interesting bottom-front-to-bottom-back construction. And she was wearing a yummy Jo Sharp design that she knit from Knitpicks Andean Silk.


Last Stash SALE

Well, maybe not the last time I try to destash, but this is the third lot I have to offer at the moment.

I'll restate the scoop since it's rather far down (where there are two more sets of stuff, mostly still available): I'm discounting from my original purchase prices and building postage in. The basics:

  • All prices are in U.S. dollars, and are non-negotiable. If a few days go by and the yarn hasn't been claimed, make me an offer and we'll haggle.
  • All sales are final.
  • This sale is limited to the U.S. and Canada, to keep shipping costs down.
  • Speaking of shipping: I've included shipping in my pricing, so please keep that in mind when comparing costs.
  • You must email me to order; leaving a comment won’t get you the yarn.
  • The sale operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email me at maggistitches [at] gmail [dot] com to make a purchase. Include your mailing address, please. I will then email you a confirmation and PayPal instructions.
  • You will have 48 hours to pay via Paypal. If payment is not received, then the item goes to the next person on the list, or back up for grabs.

This yarn comes from a smoke-free but cat-lived home. The stash is kept out of Hondo & Frances’ reach. Most of the yarn has been untouched, but I've indicated when yarn has been swatched or otherwise.

Mondial India: 45% cotton / 35% linen / 12% acrylic / 8% nylon
50g = 85m   16st on US8
7 balls

Berroco Cotton Twist: 70% Mercerized Cotton / 30% Rayon
50g = 85 yds.     19st on US8
5 hanks Satin Beige

Berroco Cotton Twist Variegated: 70% Mercerized Cotton / 30% Rayon
50g = 85 yds.     19st on US8
5 hanks (don't know the color name)


Berroco Cotton Twist: 70% Mercerized Cotton / 30% Rayon
50g = 85 yds.     19st on US8
4 hanks some blue

Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran: 80% cotton / 20% silk
5 balls, various;   50g = 68 yds.

Tahki Stacy Charles Como cotton ribbon
50g = 119 yds.
6 balls Jewel Blue

Gedifra Cicco: 56 wool / 35% nylon / 9% nylon
50g = 110m
4 balls in Cashew (one frogged from a Paris Loop attempt)

Three Years

At the risk of pushing the stash sale farther down the column (before I push it on over to eBay, perhaps), I must mention that today is my blogiversary. I've kept this thing going for three years! And, as this is S&B night, I think I have hosted that for ~ could it be? ~ five years. Wow, a double anniversary. Many stitchers have come and gone, or changed, over the years: Hettie married, Sarah became a priest, Lisa became a librarian, Bunny became a nurse, Keenan shaved her head. And writing the blog and connecting to our fibery online community has brought some attendees I might not have otherwise known; Greta and MaryB in Richmond particularly. A big thanks to all of you in the blogiverse and you first-Tuesday stitchers. I might blog and bitch all by my lonesome, but it's more fun to have an audience!

More Stash SALE

Please see the entry prior to the bootie one below for procedural details. Thanks!

Naturelle cotton on a cone, 1.9 lbs.
I paid $14 at Elann
$10 (remember, shipping included)

Katia Calipso: 60% cotton/40% acrylic
100g = 71 yds.   2st/in
4 balls white

Katia Calipso: 60% cotton/40% acrylic
100g = 71 yds.   2st/in
4 balls tan

Rowan Linen Drape: 45% linen/55% viscose
50g = 100m   22-24st
6 balls Tango

Tahki Cotton Colori: 100% mercerized cotton
50g=61yds.  15st
7 balls

Rowan Linen Drape: 45% linen/55% viscose
50g = 100m   22-24st
2 balls Reed (I think)

Baby Has Three Feet!


And so I made him three Koigu booties. April Fools!

The real story: I'm waste not, want not when it comes to KPPPM ~ but I'm not so good at estimating quantities, or at least I wasn't until I made these. I began with the green, a remainder from my Charlotte's Web. And I had enough for one. The next plan was to pair it with a coordinating colorway (and isn't all Koigu compatible with another?) from the Scrum Shawl, lacing them with opposite ties. But the green with the peach was actually too dark to make the connection. On to Plan B, because there wasn't enough of the second color to make a pair either.  Um, I mean Plan C ~ or was it D?  I knit the vamp (is that the right word?) and the top with a second color from SS, browns that do go nicely with the green/orange. And then I reversed them for its mate. Not bad, but out of yarn. What to do for the ties? I have made at least four pairs of these previously, and always conserved precious Koigu by making crochet-chain ties. But the i-cord is so much meatier! And so there goes the last little bit of Charlotte, lacing Thomas' pair. (I'm actually going to give all three, so they have a spare.) I wish they weren't so autumnal here in spring, but them's the breaks. Now I definitely need to make MS&W to restock!