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Here Comes the Stash ~ SALE

Following Cari's & Em's lead, I'm culling the stash and offering the goods here. And I fully confess to cribbing the guidelines from Michelle, but she's a pal and I hope she won't mind, plus, she's busy moving. Most of this is cotton, which I have simply realized I don't want to knit, primarily due to the climate where I would wear the finished garments. It's a swelter down here of a summer, and I don't just glow, if you know what I mean. I'm discounting from my original purchase prices and building postage in. The basics:

  • All prices are in U.S. dollars, and are non-negotiable. If a few days go by and the yarn hasn't been claimed, make me an offer and we'll haggle.
  • All sales are final.
  • This sale is limited to the U.S. and Canada, to keep shipping costs down.
  • Speaking of shipping: I've included shipping in my pricing, so please keep that in mind when comparing costs.
  • You must email me to order; leaving a comment won’t get you the yarn.
  • The sale operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email me at maggistitches [at] gmail [dot] com to make a purchase. Include your mailing address, please. I will then email you a confirmation and PayPal instructions.
  • You will have 48 hours to pay via Paypal. If payment is not received, then the item goes to the next person on the list, or back up for grabs.

This yarn comes from a smoke-free but cat-lived home. The stash is kept out of Hondo & Frances’ reach. Most of the yarn has been untouched, but I've indicated when yarn has been swatched or otherwise.

Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora:   80% cotton /20% angora
Ball Weight: 50g balls of 86 yds.
Texture: Plied   Yarn Weight: Worsted   Gauge: 18
2 balls fuchsia + 1 ball dark teal

Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora: 80% cotton /20% angora
Ball Weight: 50g balls of 86 yds.
Texture: Plied   Yarn Weight: Worsted   Gauge: 18
7 balls green

Blue Heron beaded rayon in Rainforest

Rowan Kid Soft:

5 balls in Storm (this yarn is discontinued) + 1 that's been knit & ripped (free)

Gedifra Fashion Time cotton ribbon, 80% cotton/20% nylon
50g  ~ 90 meters
7 balls in purple


Online Linie 12 Clip:
100% mako egyptian cotton
Weight/Yardage: 100 grams/182 yards/skein
Gauge: 4.5 sts = 1” on #7 needles
Knitting Weight: Worsted

1 hank each of yellow, tan & blue ~ knit stripes!

Austermann Korfu: 60% cotton/40% superwash wool

Debbie Bliss Cotton DK
50g    84m   
6 balls green

Lion Brand Imagine: 80% acrylic/20% mohair
70g   222 yards
5 balls cerise

OK~ that's the first half. Come buy!

Spin ~ Dye ~ Knit


The Wee C helped knit a few rows of this scarf that is ostensibly hers despite its being about twice as long as she is tall. That blue raspberry Kool-Aid is a great match for her winter coat ~ now we just have to wait and see if the coat still fits in the fall. I knit it in broken rib on US 9s (I think) and spit-spliced the one join. The spinning and dyeing I've documented previously. Now I have another scarf on the needles, and two bags full of yarn to put up for sale here. Stay tuned!

Rockin' Mail Call

Look what came in yesterday's post:


The letter says there are 300 of us, so I am surely not the first to share a picture, but I am thrilled to be a part of this, even at the 2/3 of a year buy-in. I figured I couldn't knit sox any quicker than that, seeing as how I am still just turning the heel of the second Jaywalker. Not for me that deadline a month passed . . . I'm especially tickled by the mini-hank of emergency sock yarn on a key fob. Kaci's pattern looks like a good one, and this is a beautiful colorway called Rainforest Jasper ~

Threadless sale!

Only once have I posted about my favorite online T-shirt site, which I found via local knitbud Monica. But I just got an email announcing a $10 sale through Wednesday morning, so I encourage you to check out ~ plus, if you link from here, I will get some credit in my Threadless account! I have ordered too many already, but at least I have purchased most of them when such a sale has been in effect . . .

Swap Blocks

I've completed seven of the 10 quilt blocks I am making for the Block Swap. Five of them look like this:


They do square up, and the flash is blowing out the pale green solid. That and the blue are two of four solids we are required to include at least one of. The batik was in my stash and the other two fabrics I bought as fat quarters when I searched locally for the Kona solids (that I ended up having to order online). These two variations resulted from tries that were not sized correctly. I didn't mind at all, though, because I'm having so much fun putting these together ~



Scrum Shawl


Over the weekend I finished and blocked my Koigu mill-end triangle, to be known as the Scrum Shawl thanks to Kristine, who first made the rugby allusion when describing the massing at Maryland. I used Caryl's Shawl as my jumping-off point, but made a number of slight mods, such as knitting stockinette rather than garter, but including some garter ridges in each color section, and binding off with a bead [detail view here] below each lacy opening. This was my potential Olympic project, the one I accidentally started before February even did. As all KPPPM projects, this bloomed with blocking and is soft and colorful and just generally yummy. It remains to be seen whether I will offer it to my mother for her birthday, but before then I can return it to MS&W (if indeed I get there) and show it off to Kristine and Nathania, who will likely be back in the throng. (The latter, by the way, was, I believe, the one who first pointed me to the Foxy Knits patterns.) For the record, the order of the colors, as far as I can tell from the notes I scrawled on the paper slips from the mini-skeins, is: P431 (86), P814 (58), P624 (53), and, uh, the other four aren't numbered and I am not going to try and cross-reference them with any visual listings online ~ but they are P816, P105D (96), P318 (15) and P305 (76). Sizewise, it's a little bigger than my Charlotte's Web, and I knit both of them on US6s. It starts off a little weird, but the colors do work together ~ that's the miracle of Koigu! 

S&B Model


Michele debuted a sweater we have seen her working on, a Rowan design, I believe, or Teva Durham, lacy with yarn she dyed herself (from Knitpicks? Was I not paying attention? Bad hostess!) She also brought another FO, definitely knit in Knitpicks bulky alpaca, a delicious green. Shoulda shot a pic of that, and of Janene, Heather and newcomer Charleen. Frances is in France and Pam's in Boston.

BethBeth was back and finished a boucle scarf for Mary Beth, who played upstairs with Wee C. No other kiddos last night. Apologies for being a less than stellar documentarian this month ~

A Different Swap

Well, they're all different, the swaps and -alongs ~ that's what makes them so much fun, with something for everyone. There are more than three dozen knitalongs going on now, and the year's barely begun. I just finished my first Jaywalker, so that one ended without me (but enticed me to join the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Sock Club, and there's a KAL for that, too). When Amy of angry chicken and kingpod tipped me off to a quilt swap, the recently recharged quilter in me couldn't resist.

Looks like Wee C and I may be visiting the quilt shop this evening ~