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I don't know exactly when I started this sweater, so I'm not sure if it took me five or six months to complete (while finishing other smaller projects in the interim). I'm just glad I'm done in time to wear it this season. With the temperature in the 30s, today was a good Gloria day, so I grabbed my petite photographer for this shot. The primary noticeable thing I did differently was to knit an attached i-cord tie at the neckline rather than weaving a ribbon through a few garter rounds, thanks to a suggestion from S&B regular Michele W. I'm glad I managed it, even as I scrounged the remnants for a bit more Cashmerino (I swear a ball went missing.)  She's a keeper, this cardigan, although a little large. I initially cast on the 36" size, and checked my gauge, but when Frances held the finished back up to me in October, she thought it was too big. So I cast on the fronts in the 32" size, hoping to meet in the middle with a good fit. There are no schematics in Ellison's book, alas, but I blocked the body pieces to be as small as appeared possible. I want to see how it looks with a tank or cami rather than a T underneath. My biggest goal in knitting now is to learn more about fit. I've been totally safe with Bonne Marie's patterns, but last summer's Rowan Elspeth ended up loose, too. My next project may be one with Ann Budd and the tape measurer ~

With the Koigu shawl and first Jaywalker nearing completion, I still have projects on the needles, so there's no rush to cast on anew. And first I'm going to follow Cari's lead and do a bit of destashing. I've accumulated way too much fiber in these years of yarn obsession, and I've learned what I like to knit and wear. I don't know if I'll go the eBay route or just post it here as I did the last time, so stay tuned.

For Real

Wee C says that sometimes: For real? She didn't get it from me, so it kinda cracks me up. But I was indeed right tickled to see her quilt at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival today, where I spent hours wandering the Hampton convention center aisles of hanging quilts and vendor booths with MaryB (who knitted furiously on her Team Lace shawl en route, 80 miles each way). And what should we see nearly the moment we crossed the threshold, wristbands attached and eager to dive in?


Her two quilts, hanging sided by side. (The other was her blue-ribbon winner I photographed at the state fair.) We spent the next two hours admiring a couple hundred quilts, then took a lunch rest before re-entering the hall and heading for the corner where Nearness of You was mounted. While  my quilt was the next to last, linearly, one could spy it from the whole front aisle.


I got several compliments on my Charlotte, too. And what was my first purchase? Sock yarn. Mary's, too, and she's a real quilter. Go figure. I did find the sewing-machine foot I wanted, and bought some bits of fabric, plus some embellishing foil Mary told me about after she gushed thanks to the vendor, as it was a product she already enjoyed. No doubt there are more quilts in my future. The show definitely inspired me ~

Emerging Artist?

See that quilt over there on the left, the one  serving as portal to the (unlabeled) quilt stitches photo album? It's not hanging on Wee C's wall right now ~ it's about to be exhibited at the four-day Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, and then at the Quilt Fest of New Jersey, too. The exhibition, called Nearness of You: Memory & Commemoration in Quiltmaking, is curated by North Carolina textile artist Keisha Roberts (with whom I'm honored to share a home state and alma mater). In case you're not up for linkage, here's her blurb about the show:

Personal and familial memories are kept safe and held close in these quilts that mark meaningful moments in the artists’ lives and celebrate, mourn, and pay tribute to loved ones. The quilts in Nearness of You: Memory and Commemoration in Quiltmaking depict possessions and interests held dear by loved ones, construct a sense of familial space, narrate family lore and lessons, preserve family history, mark personal journeys, and commemorate significant family events like births, passings, marriages, bar mitzvahs, and adoptions. Many quiltmakers in Nearness of You use a variety of objects including memorabilia, photographs, clothing, and family linens and heirlooms to infuse remembrances into their quilts. These quilts are testaments to the people, places, and experiences these artists and quilters can never forget.

I think there are about 40 quilts in this exhibition (and hundreds if not thousands more at the show), and I'm betting mine is the one commemorating adoption. So be it ~ I'm thrilled to see my name on a list of artists! Five years ago I'd never have imagined such a thing. In the spring of 2000, adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents connected via the community's earliest and largest Yahoo group learned of the 100 Good Wishes Quilt, and exchanged fabric squares and wishes for their children from China. To welcome and celebrate a new life, there is (apparently, for we've got no real documentation; not that it matters at this point since the tradition has established itself within the China-adoptive community) a tradition in the northern part of China to make a Bai Jia Bei, or 100 Good Wishes Quilt. Families and friends contribute individual patches of cloth, and the 100 patches are sewn together into a quilt that contains the luck, energy, and good wishes from all those who contributed a piece of fabric. The quilt is then passed down from generation to generation.

I made this crib-sized quilt from the fabrics received in that first exchange, and assembled the wishes into a notebook.  I created the design to take advantage of the pre-cut squares I'd received. I used triangles cut from 7" squares to make the squares on point, then trimmed the 5" squares  to some random angles in the other columns. I chose the border, binding and backing fabrics, and quilted by machine and hand. Then, because my wait for C's referral was so long, I made a second quilt with fabrics solicited from friends and family and another online group of people who were waiting within the same time frame, several of whom ended up in our travel group.

Jenn's Friends' Movie List

I got this from Jenn after Em tipped me off to it. I can't beat their matching scores, though. Jenn's friends Andy and Ryan made this list of movies everyone should see. Like others, I thought I'd have done better, but these are the choices of these two individuals. At least some of the unchecked ones are in my Netflix queue, and I aced the Coen ouevre.

[X] Citizen Kane
[x] Casablanca
[x] The Godfather
[x] The Godfather, Part 2
[x] Gone with the Wind
[x] Lawrence of Arabia
[X] The Wizard of Oz
[X] The Graduate
[x] On the Waterfront
[X] Schindler's List
[x] Singing in the Rain
[  ] Ben-Hur

Total: 11

[   ] Seven Samurai
[   ] Magnificent Seven
[x ] Three Amigos
[   ] Yojimbo
[   ] Fist Full of Dollars
[   ] Last Man Standing
[   ] Hidden Fortress
[X] Star Wars
[X] Empire Strikes Back
[X] Return of the Jedi
[X] Ran
[   ] Dreams
[X] Rashomon

Total: 6

[X] Psycho
[X] Vertigo
[x] North by Northwest
[X] The Birds
[x] Rear Window
[X] Dial M for Murder

Total: 6

[x] Blood Simple
[X] Raising Arizona
[x] Millers Crossing
[X] Barton Fink
[X] Hudsucker Proxy
[X] Fargo
[X] Big Lebowski
[X] O Brother Where Art Thou?

Total: 8

[   ] Alien
[X] Blade Runner
[   ] Legend
[  ] Black Rain
[X] Thelma & Louise
[  ] Black Hawk Down
[  ] Gladiator

Total: 2

[X] Time Bandits
[X] Brazil
[   ] The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
[X] The Fisher King
[X] Twelve Monkeys
[   ] Seven
[X] Fight Club
[x] Primal Fear
[   ] American History X

Total: 6

[   ] Spartacus
[X] Lolita
[  ] Dr. Strangelove
[X] Point for knowing the full title of Dr. Strangelove
[  ] 2001: A Space Odyssey
[X] Clockwork Orange
[  ] The Shining
[  ] Full Metal Jacket

Total: 3

[X] The Pianist
[  ] Rosemary's Baby
[  ] Chinatown
[  ] Easy Rider
[X] One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Total: 2

[x] Unforgiven
[  ] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
[x] The Searchers
[   ] Rio Bravo
[   ] Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
[   ] Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)

Total: 2

[   ] Halloween
[   ] Nightmare on Elm Street
[   ] Friday the 13th
[   ] Chainsaw Massacre
[X] The Exorcist
[X] Silence of the Lambs

Total: 2

[X] Pee-wee's Big Adventure
[   ] Beetlejuice
[X] Batman
[X] Edward Scissorhands
[X] Ed Wood
[   ] Mars Attacks!

Total: 4

[X] Reservoir Dogs
[X] Pulp Fiction
[  ] Kill Bill: Vol 1
[   ] Kill Bill: Vol 2
[   ] Sin City
[   ] Four Rooms
[   ] From Dusk Till Dawn
[   ] Desperado
[   ] El Mariachi

Total: 2

[   ] Gates of Heaven
[   ] Vernon, Florida
[x] The Thin Blue Line
[   ] Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
[  ] Mr. Death
[  ] The Fog of War

Total: 1

[X] LOTR: The Fellowship of the Rings
[X] LOTR: The Two Towers
[X] LOTR: Return of the King
[  ] Forgotten Silver
[  ] Heavenly Creatures
[   ] Braindead aka Dead Alive
[   ] Meet the Feebles
[   ] Bad Taste

Total: 3

[  ] King Kong (1933)
[  ] King Kong (1976)
[  ] King Kong (2005)

Total: 0

[  ] The Sixth Sense
[x] Unbreakable
[  ] Signs
[  ] The Village

Total: 1

[ ] Pi
[  ] Requiem for a Dream
[X] Memento
[   ] Insomnia
[X] Batman Begins
[  ] Following
[X] The Virgin Suicides
[X] Lost in Translation
[X] Being John Malkovich
[X] Adaptation
[X] Eternal Sunshine or the Spotless Mind


[  ] Better Off Dead
[X] Sixteen Candles
[X] The Breakfast Club
[X] Weird Science
[X] Ferris Beuller's Day Off
[  ] Planes, Trains & Automobiles
[  ] The Goonies
[X] Stand by Me


[X] The Shawshank Redemption
[  ] The Green Mile


[X] Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
[X] Princess Bride
[x] This is Spinal Tap
[X] The Jerk
[X] Ghostbusters
[X] Animal House
[X] Blues Brothers
[X] Little Shop of Horrors

Total: 8

[  ] Princess Mononoke
[  ] My Neighbor Totoro
[X] Spirited Away
[  ] Howl's Moving Castle
[  ] Akira
[  ] Steamboy
[  ] Ghost in the Shell

Total: 1

[X] Waiting for Guffman
[x] Best in Show
[x] A Mighty Wind

Total: 3

[  ] Night of the Living Dead
[  ] Dawn of the Dead (1978)
[  ] Day of the Dead
[   ] Land of the Dead
[   ] Shawn of the Dead
[  ] 28 days later

Total: 0

[X] Bottle Rocket
[X] Rushmore
[X] Royal Tenenbaums
[  ] The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
[  ] Snatch
[  ] Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
[X] Trainspotting
[  ] Shallow Grave

Total: 4

[  ] Delicatessen
[X] Amelie
[  ] City of Lost Children
[X] Run Lola Run
[   ] La Femme Nikita
[  ] The Professional
[  ] The Fifth Element

Total: 2

[  ] Mean Streets
[  ] Taxi Driver
[x] Raging Bull
[x] Last Temptation of Christ
[X] Goodfellas
[  ] Casino

Total: 3

[x] M
[X] Metropolis
[X] Nosferatu
[  ] Diabolique
[X] Usual Suspects
[  ] Double Indemnity
[x] The Third Man
[X] Manchurian Candidate (1962)
[x] Cool Hand Luke

Total: 7

[X] Raiders of the Lost Ark
[X] Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
[X] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
[x] Jurassic Park
[x] The Color Purple
[x] Saving Private Ryan
[X] E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
[X] Jaws

Total: 8

[X] Die Hard
[X] Lethal Weapon
[X] Mad Max
[X] The Road Warrior
[  ] Braveheart
[  ] Man Without a Face
[  ] Passion of the Christ


GRAND TOTAL: 112/205

Nut Night

Tuesday was more nutty than knitty, at least while this crew was all about the house!


Sbfeb0003I couldn't help but think of Celia's IPD antics ~ these kids were in their jammies at regular hours, but they were lively enough to give my monthly S&B an international flair. Moms Cathy, Kathy and Beth ~ two of them first-timers ~ missed the camera but got in some knitting, as did another newcomer, Cindy, an experienced knitter referred by my friend Nadja. Librarian Lisa arrived too late for the tots (and after I'd set the camera aside), but Pam and Heather survived in their midst, the former knitting in her usual freeform style, and the latter ~ who delivered the promised cupcake! ~ working on a fabulous scarf for inclusion in an exhibition at her alma mater. I cranked along on the final front of Gloria ~ then last night I ran out of Cashmerino. ARGH. I feel sure I bought the right mix of Cash & Silk Garden when I made my Atlanta purchase in June, and I have gone through the stash bins to no avail. I did scrounge up a partial ball from when I made Stew's skull cap, so I'm crossing my fingers that black is black (since I have no idea what its dyelot is) and it'll get me through to the end . . .


C is for Cat


While he's eminently photogenic, this is not a perfect shot of  Hondo; I think I'm just trying to catch up to the ABC-Along calendar. But we are finding his fondness for this basket rather endearing ~ despite the abandonment of a delightful felted bed. Perhaps the two kittens  preferred their woolen spot when they could both fit in it together, which is so not the case now. Maybe the tissue paper scraps filling this basket (post-move, having wrapped treasures for transit) add a certain je ne sais quoi . . .

Coincidentally, Wee C shot the other cat last week, in the under-table position where the felted bed used to be (but under a different table in a different house) ~

Birthday Reveal

First, have y'all have noticed that Greta is back on the blog? When she posted that she was working on a surprise gift, I had a feeling I might be the lucky recipient, but I didn't know what to expect involving angora and beads and crochet, oh my. Well ~ it's a cupcake, ta-dah!


She's actually got a better photo over at Lifelong Knitter, bless her bones. But it doesn't show the on earth peace socks (made by a vendor named Maggie's!) and the adorable mousey card.  Thank you, darlin'. And hooray for imaginary friends!


Tie One On grabbed me again, with a challenge to make an apron by re-using clothing.


This is a former man's shirt by Armani Jeans. A decade ago I had to have it because I loved the fabric, but earlier this month I had finally decided to let it go because it's just too big and I don't know any men that small. Then Tie One On gave me the incentive to keep it around ~ in a new form. Adaptive reuse, baby! I only wish I had thought of it on my own (and that I had taken a before photo). Between the two aprons ~ Wee C's being the right shirt front ~ I used almost every square inch, and only added fabric for her ties at the neck. The three skirt parts of mine are the back and two sleeves; the waistband was the button band and the ties come from the back yoke; the bib is the left front; and the collar plus a cuff connect to its buttons. I couldn't toss the second cuff, so it's there too, perhaps to hang a cooking tool from?