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B Is for Bottle


[I think I'm a little late on this one] I actually have more amethyst glass bottles and containers than cobalt, but these certainly jumped out when I was looking about for the letter B. Since they don't reside in the kitchen, most of the others are not unpacked but still awaiting the construction of casework to house them. I think the designer and carpenter and I will have a lunch date this week ~

Happy Hillary

Hillary The lovely and amazing Hillary is having a  birthday today ~ the BIG one! I've known and admired this woman for more than a decade, and I'm proud to have served on a committee that helped her become a priest just last year. We are godmothers to Sallie, we've been to Honduras, and we've gone fishing together. She's a daughter, spouse, mother, mother-in-law, teacher and preacher, too. And good at them all ~ especially at being a friend. Happy Birthday, Hilly!


Local blogger Mary (whom I've not yet met, but "know" from our knitgroup elists) suggests that I provide my lists of four . Here goes ~

*Four jobs you have had in your life:

  1. babysitter
  2. department store clerk
  3. art gallery manager
  4. writing teacher

* Four movies you could watch over and over:

  1. The Third Man
  2. The Searchers
  3. Local Hero
  4. Raising Arizona

* Four places you have lived:

  1. Greensboro, N.C.
  2. Durham, N.C.
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. Charlotte, N.C.

* Four TV shows you love to watch:

  1. Grey's Anatomy
  2. 24
  3. Lost
  4. King of the Hill

* Four places you have been on vacation

  1. Hunting Island, S.C.
  2. New York
  3. San Francisco
  4. Wrightsville Beach, N.C.

* Four websites you visit daily:

  1. ChicKnits Blog
  2. Poetry Daily
  3. Lifelong Knitter (she's back!)
  4. Virginia Architecture (this is for work ~)

* Four places you'd rather be right now:

  1. anywhere in Tuscany
  2. The Yarn Lounge
  3. on a warm & sunny beach
  4. in my bed

I slipped the gate

Ooops, I think I've been disqualified before the Knitting Olympics have even begun, because I'm out of the starting gate already, having cast on the project I was considering. Once I rounded up the bag o'Koigu and the shawl pattern, I couldn't resist casting on and playing with the details. It's a flexible design that encourages the knitter to choose her own interspersions [is that a word?] of color and number of repeats of alternating lace and garter rows. Already I've added stockinette rows to the options as well, both because I can knit "backwards" (instead of purling, in my lefty combo mode) faster than I can knit the second half of a garter ridge and because I like the look of the st st side of my Charlotte's Web. I have no idea what total yardage I have in the seven hanklets I grabbed in the fray of the Koigu booth at MdS&W, but I know I was lining them up in my basket with an eye toward a project like this. My Maryland post notes that I paid just $22 for the eight; I recall the pricing was by the ounce (I think). But I see as well that I have already changed the order of the colors  . . .

I finished the Gloria sleeves and cast on the fronts as anticipated Saturday before touching the KPPPM, but surely you can understand the appeal of interlaced color vs. inches of black stockinette ~ even if it is Cashmerino! I will try to work on them both, as well as the other two projects I have on the needles, and we'll just see where I end up when the Games are over.

To play, or not to play?

Knittingolympics1 Our beloved Harlot has thrown down the (thrummed, no doubt) gauntlet and declared that the Knitting Olympics shall commence next month. On the one hand, I'm all about a knitalong (see Jaywalkers, Charlotte's Web, Clapotis, Fiona, Klaralund, Smooch, and the first-ever Fuzzy Feet . . . not to mention the unspoken and single-sleeve Must-Have Cardigan) and will likely join Alison's next Sockapaloooza.

Eddiejumpingenjoy_1 On the other hand, like dear Margene, I don't want to combine the solace of knitting with the stress of competition, even if I am only aiming for a personal best. I must've started Gloria in October, and the cardigan's still on the needles (although I expect to finish both sleeves this weekend). What could I even reasonably knit in a mere 16 days?

I'm not going to decide until I take a spin through the patterns and stash and see if anything calls out to me with Olympic aspirations. When I knit the Caryl's Kerchief for Xmas, I looked at the matching, upsized shawl pattern and thought it might be a good fit for the many mini-skeins I nabbed at the Koigu booth at MdS&W. The kerchief took less than 16 days, but that doesn't mean I could make a shawl 10 times bigger that quickly, especially when I am not on vacation!


A year after I started them and nearly two after divine Em gave me the Mountain Colors Bearfoot  for my birthday, I have finished the Fluted Banister Socks:


Yea! And thanks again, Michelle, for such yummy yarn.

Speaking of good wool, here's a progress shot of the next pair, the ever-popular Jaywalkers in Socks That Rock Sapphire:


Indeed, this is a most enjoyable pattern, and I'm also liking the flexible bamboo DPNs for a change.

Not My Hair

MaryB, MaryB, it's the  Corriedale from our spinning class. My coif's the same as it ever was; only my hairdresser knows for sure. I took the two hanks to NC for a holiday activity, along with four packets of Kool-Aid and the directions from Knitty. I'm glad I saved the South African long wool for another day, because it deserves depth of color, which four packs and 200+ yards hardly achieved. Nevertheless, we had fun:

and here's what we ended up with, which is now on its way to becoming a scarf for Wee C, since she helped (and gave me up for the four afternoons when I learned to spin that yarn):

But we still missed MaryB at S&B ~ did your fellas give you a wheel? Frances and Lisa avoided the camera, but Michele came with a lacy tweed scarf for her daughter

while Cathy was crocheting a sock, which was new to all of us, including herself.
And Pam actually took up her needles again, not that they were two of the same size, nor was she  using a pattern.
Our first-time guest was my new friend Cathy, whose daughter M also came to hang with Wee C. I was fascinated to hear her recall that it may have been her father who first taught her to knit ~ and tickled to see the stitching obsession taking  firm hold, since this was our third time knitting together.
I was also delighted to watch her daughter help her knit, since mine usually only wants to take the scissors to her skein. Ah, but maybe my child just needs a better teacher, or I need to try harder, because Cathy had her throwing that yarn like a pro ~


Remember Hettie? Who spent her send-off S&B making boutonnieres for her wedding? Well, she remembered us, in this article in the Washington Post's Weekend section:

When I lived in Richmond, I regularly attended a "stitch" group that met at a friend's house; but as a newcomer to Washington, I don't know many people, let alone knitters.

Aww. The girl meets folks darned easily, but she's working a lede here. Register and read how many diverse stitching opportunities she checks out.  Me, I'm still kicking myself for missing the chance to sit and knit with The Wendy last week. That's what I get for not plugging in the laptop earlier on my return from Carolina. And I've been looking for a reason to make the trek to Holly Spring Homespun . . . On the other hand, I really want 2006 to be the year of stash knitting, and I know the temptations are great out there in Powhatan.

Speaking of the laptop, Brotherman's had it at the office all week, along with my iPod and my new external hard drive, trying to extract my iTunes from the PC there that's been my music base for a year. I'll get it back tonight, though, and then can post pix from this week's S&B, and last week's dye job ~