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Triumph of the Non-Bloggers

Statefair0002 They may not be blogging, but they are stitching and winning at the Virginia State Fair, at least the two known commenters whose beribboned creations I spied yesterday are. This is Wendypal L-B's Rainbow Sheep sweater, which I was privileged to see in process at a few B&N knit nights (our local evolution of the MeetUp concept, coordinated by Beth). I never found her prize-winning Starmore Aran (oh, maybe it was the one she & Wendy did the challenge on, Inishmore?) Nor do I know if she kept her title as the Fastest Knitter in Virginia, but perhaps she can let us know in the Comments ~

I'll be looking for comments, too, from MaryB, who took a first place in "Lace - Amateur - Knitted or Crocheted Lace" for her ponchified Charlotte's Web, which also received a Best in Section for the whole Lace category. She joined Ann's good company with a red ribbon for a Lavold vest we've seen her  work on at S&B. But the knockout, as far as I'm concerned, was her "Wall Hanging/Art quilt not intended for use as bedding" ~ even my accompanying family members got excited about it (even if their faces in this shot don't show it):


MaryB, please tell us a bit more about this lovely work, with its stenciled words and written quotes, because I didn't have the means to record its title when I shot it ~ plus we had to hurry off to the racing pigs! (And then we were too late, and the Ferris Wheel was nearby, so we opted for that instead, the first of two. See?

The Wee One loved the rides, and was pretty cheerful about the height restrictions that kept us off our namesake Crazy Mouse. We saved the Kidway for last and had a hard time pulling her away from just one more. She would've ridden this little dragon all night; instead, she fell asleep while the fairgrounds receded in the rear-view mirror ~


A Little Paint

Actually, a lot of paint has been brushed and rolled onto our new house, and I'm completely pleased with the results. This is the before glimpse:


And this is the after:


It feels like my home now ~ at least from the outside. Can you tell that door is purple? And I must tell you the name of the warm gray: Alpaca! I'm still working on the unpacking, and hope to be doing some stitching of the non-knit kind this weekend, as I have fabric in hand for dining room curtains (two windows), living room shades (two windows), bedroom curtains (two windows), bathroom shade and one more shade at the top of the stairs. Having made Roman shades and tab-top curtains previously, I'm not daunted, just challenged to find the necessary blocks of time.

And two days later


Look at my lovely Sockapal2za socks,  made by Nanette! They fit like a dream and are so beautiful. I took  a close-up of the side cable that runs down into the wearer's shoe, but it's too blurry to do you any good, so you'll have to take my word that these sock rock. And that's not all Nannette made for me, no ma'am, Sergeant Ham. [That is something Wee C says; don't ask me its origins.] I got a letter, and a card depicting her mountainous corner of the country, and these:


Six crystal stitch markers! Thank you so much, Nannette, and thanks to Alison for putting us (all) together.

Two weeks later

Usually I post S&B pictures the next morning, but the Tuesday night of these shots was September 6, not last night. Nevertheless, here are some of the folks who came to check out our new digs and make a stitch or two.

Sept0002_1 Phyllis (left) rather than stitching herself, came to recruit knitters on behalf of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which will include an exhibit based on Jan Brett's The Hat in its holiday display this December. She read the book to us all, including Wee C and afghan-crocheting Cathy, who brought me a house-warming Yarn Lounge gift certificate. I bought two yummy skeins on Saturday when Wee C & I were next door buying birthday presents.

Sept0003_1Frances, Kim and Pam came, too, but they missed the camera. Janene worked on another omiyage (right). BTW, I promise to have unpacked more when Knit Night rolls around in another two weeks. Remember, it took 11 years (or 43? how to calculate?) to accumulate all the stuff that was in my last house. Even though I tossed loads, it's gotta take more than 11 days to store what remains, even in a slightly larger home.

Sept0001 I've hung this new belt in the giganto-closet in my bedroom (where the $9.99 Target ottoman it rests on stashes my current WIP). As noted ages ago, I knit seven stitches of Noro Daria in seed stitch on US6s (I think) after seeing similar creations on my last NC visit pre-move. The wooden buckle I found in a drawer at my mom's, attached to a non-leather strip that didn't fit anybody. I tapered both the cast-on and bind-off ends, working my way up or down from three stitches.

Settling In

Whoops, there went nearly three weeks, and I'm still unpacking! What has yet to be unpacked, though, is the computer, and I'm too busy to blog from work (she types from where?). But I don't wanna get bumped from the ring! I hosted S&B two weeks ago amidst the boxes, and despite her absence, MaryB sent me some pix of little tanks she made from my free pattern. Aren't they cute?


I'm pleased to report that Lindsay received the socks I knit for Sockapal2za, and she likes them! Better than that, last night I opened a box from the other side of the country and found MY fabulous pair, knit for me by Nannette, who made up their perfect pattern! The real reveal will have to wait until I either get the computer up or get the camera talking to my office PC ~ after hours, of course.

Despite the yards of fabrics waiting to become curtains and shades for our new house, I have been knitting between the relocation chores. I finished the seed-stitch belt, and I'm seeing the end of the shawl approach. So, what's a grrl to do? Start something new, natch ~ and this time it's the Gloria cardigan from the Jane Ellison Noro book that hatched so many Butterflies last season. I came across an unfamiliar Silk Garden colorway during my June Atlanta trip after Jane  sent me to check out her new LYS, and pairing it with some black DB Cashmerino made me so happy that I hardly remember denting my rental car in their lot ~

We Moved

Phew. I've had quite the run of days, with the last of the packing, then the actual moving, closing on the pair of real estate transactions, and beginning the unpacking. I'm back in the office today after taking three days off, and I'm glad there's another three-day stretch ahead to keep at it. The computer won't get hooked up until all else is situated, and some of that is waiting for the completion of waterproofing in the basement. When the basement is ready, the POD (the moving of which was extremely cool) can be unloaded, and the stash & I will be reunited! I cannot remember when I last knit, but I regret to report that I haven't touched a stitch in the new house. I did, however, fondle some yarn newly arrived from Knit Happens (as I couldn't resist the recent Knitter's Review discount) and pay a call to The Yarn Lounge. So this post is just to allow that we're alive, and we'll be back in blogland pretty soon.