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And the river flows

Still here, still packing, still knitting. But one of these days I'm going to have to unplug the old HP Pavilion and put it in a box, too. Meanwhile, at the office, I'm almost to busy to remember to check my Yahoo and Gmail accounts ~ so no quick lunchtime blog posts either. Them's the breaks. We'll move a week from tomorrrow, we'll settle in to the other place, and I'll enjoy creating a new home. I'll be glad to see my TV & DVD player, although I don't expect to reconnect the stereo right away, as I may have some cabinetry built. Thank God (and Brotherman) for the iPod and his loan of a portable DVD player with which I've gotten my Six Feet Under fix, and Caroline, her Wiggles. And the stash! I'll get to unpack the stash maybe by Labor Day, and I hope to be so pleased that I knit from it for a good while. I did let a skein of Noro Daria distract me when we went to NC last weekend, and started a little seed-stitch belt for my carrying-around knitting:


And my other [Summer of Lace] project has been the Violets by the River shawl, on which I have finished the violets and moved on to the river. I wish I'd photographed it before picking up the river-border stitches, but if you want to get a hint of what it looks like, click here. I've promised it to my mother, but she may not want it if it blocks out on the small size, funnily enough, given her initial complaints about her gargantuan Christmas alpaca ~ which she now adores!



This post is brought to you by the Wee C, who suggested I go find the camera when she was sharing her smoothie with Frances one recent morning ~ Now we're in Carolina celebrating Brotherman's birthday en famille. Happy weekend!


[Say that aloud: it looks wrong, but I'm trying to combine shrug and again ~]

Mindy's obsession prompted me to crank out my own One-Skein Wonder (even though this put-up pushed me into the second ~ at least it was on summer sale) in Manos Cotton Stria. A fun yarn, a fun and fast knit.

[But difficult in the self-photography department.]

I left the bathroom mirror in the shot so I can express my joy that the buyer of my house is letting me take these two mosaic mirrors away from the room for which they were customized. I can hardly believe that I made them a decade ago, after abrief tutorial from my friend John, who'd taken a class. I may put one in the new powder room unless it is too heavy and big; the other I'm planning to hang vertically in C's room for her personal full-length view.

Elspeth at last

I'm no Rowanette, that's for sure. Much holistic pattern-following got me through this sweater, since the fine folks in Holmfirth can't bother to print a full chart on their big ol' pages. The ruffled edge of my first try at the crochet nearly made me cry, but, mature knitter that I am, I was willing to rip. So Wee C & I hit the Yarn Lounge yesterday, where dear Anne advised that she'd crocheted hers a bit differently from what the pattern spec'd, to fine results. She & Melanie gave me the confidence (not to mention the feline-free space) to rip, and then I managed the redo last night.

Click here for a close-up

Packing for the one-mile move continues, with the countdown now at three weeks. We took a break this evening to attend a local outdoor performance of The Secret Garden (in which knitting friend Keenan has a role). We found it fitting to take in a show on my late father's birthday, as Brotherman & I both credit him for for making us theatre lovers. For Wee C this was the first theatergoing experience ~ but certainly not the last. 

No Night Out

Although this year I didn't host S&B as a National Night Out party, with the stitching on the front porch, we still had a good turnout last night for the last S&B at my home of 11 years. I (finally) sewed buttons on the Baby Surprise Jacket and worked on a square for the John Glick blanket, but mostly enjoyed the company of these folks, plus Alice:


Cathy, above, and newcomer Blair with daughter G., photographed by Wee C.
Below, Kim admiring Janene's pincushion, and Michele showing her dye job to the long-lost Heather.

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