B-bags a la Kay


I know it's Thursday, and they're KIPing in Chicago, but we stitched here at home on Tuesday, and I have some pictures to prove it. We were on the small side, numbers wise, but were graced with two new attendees, one of them finger knitting. Here, Pam learns how from her charge o'the week, A.



And look who's finally back: It's MaryB, bitten by the spinning bug, showing off her latest creation. Remember I owed her a prize for being my 1,000th commenter? She left with two skeins of KPPPM (I think it's #419). I have two more skeins; maybe we'll make matching socks!


The Michelles were amongst us, Ms. H. on the left working on a new blue sweater (don't miss her fishy beaded cuff) and Ms. W. creating canine attire for spring. Our other newcomer, Shelley, is not a Michelle, but is a longtime knitter recently returned to the craft. I met her at our museum gala Friday and invited her to come. So glad she did, with her brown gift scarf-in-progress.


Lisa arrived way late, and told me lots about her new job rather than swatching. As we were only two at that point, I didn't open the champagne I'd been chilling to toast her since last month's S&B. I don't think it's gonna wait another month ~