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Ready to block

I finished both Ribby Cardi fronts last night, so we'll be hosting a blocking party this weekend (along with a gardening party and a basement-clearing party, as the neighborhood house tour visits my block next weekend, and the waterproofers are ready to get to work on the lower level.) Now that the kittens are in the mix, I have to lock the blocking in the bedroom, so it's looking like Saturday is the best bet. I'm leaning toward the rolled collar of Bonne Marie's pattern pic because to me it best alludes to the baseball-raglan style my two-tone sweater will have. Also, my recycled fluted jacket has a regular collar, and isn't far off colorwise. Plus the smallest collar will be the fastest! Knowing this part of the country, I don't expect MdS&W to be cool enough for any wool sweater, but it would be fun to have it on hand to show off. Maybe not, though, since I can't imagine getting a zipper into it next week. . .

Bild_2 Speaking of Sheep & Wool, despite Greta's assurances that I'll only want to knit on new purchases, I did begin swatching (OK, knitting) something new to be my take-along for the travel portion, until the buying begins: the chevron tank from the summer Rebecca, #29. That's it in the middle of the third photo, and I cast on with some UFO yarn I bought at School Products in February 2004. I have no idea what its fiber content is, though. Frannicat's interest suggests there's some wool, which ain't right for a tank. I seem to recall Berta mentioning Lycra as well; it definitely has some stretch that reminds me of the Broadripple Fixation. So I may set it aside until some consultants can have a look and advise. . .

And, speaking of Broadripple, I just finished the toe rounds of the first one. I can only Kitchener at home, with diagrams in front of me, so that last bit o'finish will have to wait ~