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Mariko! Sylvia! I've been sewing, too! And when you can get a whole dress from a single yard of cotton, well, who wouldn't? Ever since the sewing machine came to the dining room table for the VCA flaggage, it's been engaged in subsequent stitching. I bought bunches of kids' patterns before Wee C came home, and even when we were first a family ~ before the knitting took over. But with spring on the way, these bright prints calling and the machine right under my nose, I got down to it.


These are both from the same pattern, McCall's 3598. Anyone else out there love Anthropologie? One of the things I think makes their clothes so special is detail, so I tried to do that here, with the piping on Hello Kitty and the ribbon hem on Hey, Kitty, as it might as well be called. Next up, the ladybug dress, featuring rickrack and buggy buttons ~ and using a different pattern.

Of course I'm still knitting. I've touched the four active WIPs in the list over there, nearing the Broadripple toe, decreasing the Ribby fronts. But sewing is fun, too. I've been thinking of a playwright/professor friend who makes her own dresses, always in outrageous prints. As much as I've admired Laura's style, I never wanted to emulate it for myself. But I'm sure getting a kick out of tranferring it onto my kiddo. As perhaps my Mom did, because she made me many such dresses back in the 1960s, when no Target or Old Navy offered inexpensive, imported (and cute, I admit) fare. I wish I had any of those these four decades later ~ or even the many things I sewed for myself in the interim ~