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1. The Chevron tank's been frogged (what little start of it there was), as I stopped in at the Yarn Lounge Friday and together with Stewart determined my UFO yarn's got some wool, so's not best for a summer tank in this clime. BTW, her Rowan CashSoft is in, and I'm with you, Nathania: YUM. Definitely plotting a sweater outta that stuff (I think it's named Hamilton), once I settle on a color choice. Stewart has great new buttons, too ~ some blue glass ones almost made me rethink putting a zip in the Ribby. She's closing next weekend to attend MdS&W ~ gotta love an LYS proprietor dedicated to bringing the goods on home for those who can't make the trip.

2. Speaking of that almost-cardi, the blocking is done, and without incident ~ other than when the kittens pulled draining pieces from the bathroom sink. All's been behind closed doors since, although I will have to go in there and sleep eventually. Wee C napped in her ladybug bean bag this afternoon instead of my bed. . .

3. Garden is again presentable; I can't believe I forgot to take the before picture, which would have made an after shot worthwhile. We loaded several Supercans with grass, weeds, shrubbery trimmings and climbing rose vines, then spread bunches o'mulch and filled four pots with perennials. And that's just the front and side of our little house; we left the bit behind the fence for another day. Assitance from Brotheman and the wee one, of course.

4. (Typepad is giving me fits, gotta say.) Non-Dulaan mitt gifted, and warmly (not to pun) received.

5. Poetry Month, almost. So here's one of mine, as promised, possibly selected because of my current scratched arms.


R is for rose
and reconciliation,
reunion. I open
my dictionary's 2,347 pages
to the first leaf of R
where an offering
caught in mid-bloom
lies pressed, its red
dried dark as blood. 
Two petals severed
from the bud cling
in the volume's gutter crease.
This is what remains
of the florist's dozen
that trimmed your apology.
What if I had refused
those blooms? Rejection
might have left the wild
primrose vine ringing
your cottonwood tree, untouched.
Instead, I kissed the scratches
on your wrists that rendered
its imperfect blossoms,
damp in newsprint. Flipping
to F, page 654, I find
its one flower, flawed
pink, for forgiveness.

There Went Poetry Month (Almost)

Poster05 It's the penultimate (a poetry word) day of National Poetry Month, and I've not yet noted, posted or shared a single poem. Ooops. I promise I've still been reading them; keeping Poetry Daily as my browser's home page assures that, and today's poem particularly spoke to me, what with Mother's Day on the near horizon. Check it out: "My Mother's Hands" by David Woo (the PD link will take you there today; afterwards, you could find it archived along with lots of other good ones.) If I'm sufficiently on the ball, I'll try to offer one of my own tomorrow. Not that I've written anything new, but I haven't posted them all!

Ready to block

I finished both Ribby Cardi fronts last night, so we'll be hosting a blocking party this weekend (along with a gardening party and a basement-clearing party, as the neighborhood house tour visits my block next weekend, and the waterproofers are ready to get to work on the lower level.) Now that the kittens are in the mix, I have to lock the blocking in the bedroom, so it's looking like Saturday is the best bet. I'm leaning toward the rolled collar of Bonne Marie's pattern pic because to me it best alludes to the baseball-raglan style my two-tone sweater will have. Also, my recycled fluted jacket has a regular collar, and isn't far off colorwise. Plus the smallest collar will be the fastest! Knowing this part of the country, I don't expect MdS&W to be cool enough for any wool sweater, but it would be fun to have it on hand to show off. Maybe not, though, since I can't imagine getting a zipper into it next week. . .

Bild_2 Speaking of Sheep & Wool, despite Greta's assurances that I'll only want to knit on new purchases, I did begin swatching (OK, knitting) something new to be my take-along for the travel portion, until the buying begins: the chevron tank from the summer Rebecca, #29. That's it in the middle of the third photo, and I cast on with some UFO yarn I bought at School Products in February 2004. I have no idea what its fiber content is, though. Frannicat's interest suggests there's some wool, which ain't right for a tank. I seem to recall Berta mentioning Lycra as well; it definitely has some stretch that reminds me of the Broadripple Fixation. So I may set it aside until some consultants can have a look and advise. . .

And, speaking of Broadripple, I just finished the toe rounds of the first one. I can only Kitchener at home, with diagrams in front of me, so that last bit o'finish will have to wait ~

Not Knit

Mariko! Sylvia! I've been sewing, too! And when you can get a whole dress from a single yard of cotton, well, who wouldn't? Ever since the sewing machine came to the dining room table for the VCA flaggage, it's been engaged in subsequent stitching. I bought bunches of kids' patterns before Wee C came home, and even when we were first a family ~ before the knitting took over. But with spring on the way, these bright prints calling and the machine right under my nose, I got down to it.


These are both from the same pattern, McCall's 3598. Anyone else out there love Anthropologie? One of the things I think makes their clothes so special is detail, so I tried to do that here, with the piping on Hello Kitty and the ribbon hem on Hey, Kitty, as it might as well be called. Next up, the ladybug dress, featuring rickrack and buggy buttons ~ and using a different pattern.

Of course I'm still knitting. I've touched the four active WIPs in the list over there, nearing the Broadripple toe, decreasing the Ribby fronts. But sewing is fun, too. I've been thinking of a playwright/professor friend who makes her own dresses, always in outrageous prints. As much as I've admired Laura's style, I never wanted to emulate it for myself. But I'm sure getting a kick out of tranferring it onto my kiddo. As perhaps my Mom did, because she made me many such dresses back in the 1960s, when no Target or Old Navy offered inexpensive, imported (and cute, I admit) fare. I wish I had any of those these four decades later ~ or even the many things I sewed for myself in the interim ~

New IK

First off, I gotta say that on Sunday Wee C & I spotted a VW Beetle with the license plate IK A BUG, which delighted us.

OK, so there I was complaining to Mommio Sharlene about not having received my summer mag from Interweave, only to arrive home and find it waiting in the mailbox (or bucket, as it is). And I like it! While something in every issue of this pattern magazine always calls out knit me!, I haven't actually made all that many ~ yet. Three join the list of future knits over there on the left, and there are other IK designs that belong on it as well. This issue would add the Go with the Flow Socks, the Acorn Camisole (for which I have the specified yarn in stash! one I couldn't quite let go of in the late-summer cotton purge), and the Two-Tie Striped Cardigan.

Two_tie Speaking of which, Webs is having a sale right now that includes Reynolds Saucy, the specified yarn, for just $3.19 per skein. How do I happen to know? Because on Friday I ordered 13 different balls for a Psychedelic Squares afghan (summer project a la Kay). So I may consider alternatives for this, or look to stash. KnitPicks has revealed some of its new signature cottons as well ~ But, really, I don't anticipate ordering yarn for this. Then again, I didn't know I was getting that baker's dozen last week.

Dulaan Destined

Dmitts So far I have these mittens*, a hat and a blanket for the Dulaan Project. They're finished; I just grabbed good morning light yesterday before completing that second cuff last night. Pattern from Felted Knits ~ I love how the ribbing is added post-fulling. Greta (& any other reader/knitters in the vicinity), maybe we can ship ours out together? The hat is my mom's felted bucket that I unsucessfully made a little smaller ~ I made it a lot smaller, childsize, in fact, but I don't think the Wee C really digs it. And this is the blanket, three colors of fleece stitched together in two layers, with fringe cut on the long ends. Last weekend in NC I scored three skeins of superwash on sale, so I'm planning to add a few of Stephanie's Ken's Hats, too. Lastly, there's an old UFO cap I'm trying to finish. Good stuff for a good cause.

We had some more publicity this week; if you check the link, that's yours truly playing model in the photo, but one really can't tell even in the full-size tabloid version. (Fun fact: Sometime in the 1980s I made a similar cameo in the Wall Street Journal, but as I was seated at a computer monitor, only the back of my head appeared.)

Working down the gusset of Broadripple #1, knitting both Ribby fronts at once, and I've finished two mitered squares this weekend ~ hope yours is as knitty!

*And there's a third mitten, as you may recall, also felted, that's about to be a birthday gift, for the kitchen. I'm going to crochet its cuff ~

Those scarves

Remember I told you ten days ago that I finished a coupla scarves? Here they are, in near & far shots, beginning with the diamond-lace, hand-dyed silk-merino I bought (137 yards) from my long-lost friend Mary Ann of Three Waters Farm (meet her at MS&W!):

3wscarf Closeups0002

Fiori0002 Closeups0001

The second one's knit from the Skacel Fiori my friend Robin gave me for my birthday. The company promo describes this rayon-nylon novelty as "a lushly designed ribbon, which has been adorned with flowering buds." I knit each of the two 47-yd. skeins separately then united them at the center with a three-needle bind-off ~ I wasn't gonna try Kitchenering this frilly garter fabric. One skein I knit at a straight nine stitches; the other I used 13 and then dropped two stitches at either end, making fringed sides. The kbl from Clapotis was useful, and probably inspired me to try this. I haven't given it a dunking, but may, to unkink the fringe. Springy!

B-bags a la Kay


Quick! Fun! Easy! Who wouldn't jump on the buttonhole bagwagon, now that our MDK sister has made it so simple? Mine are made with Cascade 220, in leftovers from last spring's French Market Bag and last winter's Perfect Pouch and Lily. You can be darn sure there are more where these came from, because the Cascade stash runs deep ~

But first I'll keep working the Cascade into my Ribby, having just now completed the second sleeve. I'm hoping to cast on the two fronts tomorrow night, and contemplate as I knit which neckline finish I prefer. Maryland's my goal for this baby, even if it's too warm to wear her by then. The chill's returning to Virginia tomorrow, though, so who knows?


I know it's Thursday, and they're KIPing in Chicago, but we stitched here at home on Tuesday, and I have some pictures to prove it. We were on the small side, numbers wise, but were graced with two new attendees, one of them finger knitting. Here, Pam learns how from her charge o'the week, A.



And look who's finally back: It's MaryB, bitten by the spinning bug, showing off her latest creation. Remember I owed her a prize for being my 1,000th commenter? She left with two skeins of KPPPM (I think it's #419). I have two more skeins; maybe we'll make matching socks!


The Michelles were amongst us, Ms. H. on the left working on a new blue sweater (don't miss her fishy beaded cuff) and Ms. W. creating canine attire for spring. Our other newcomer, Shelley, is not a Michelle, but is a longtime knitter recently returned to the craft. I met her at our museum gala Friday and invited her to come. So glad she did, with her brown gift scarf-in-progress.


Lisa arrived way late, and told me lots about her new job rather than swatching. As we were only two at that point, I didn't open the champagne I'd been chilling to toast her since last month's S&B. I don't think it's gonna wait another month ~


Hey, I've been at this madness for two years now! Something made me think maybe I'd started one April, and, sure enough, 4/5/03 brought the first real post (although there was a test, back there on Blogspot, a day prior). Actually, I wrote four posts that day two years ago, trying to get some meat on the blog's bones. Reading a few of those entries, I am amazed by how far I've come as a knitter in a relatively short time ~ and by the friendships I've made, both live and virtual. Yea!

P.S. It's Knit Night tonight ~ Come S & B!