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Dmitts So far I have these mittens*, a hat and a blanket for the Dulaan Project. They're finished; I just grabbed good morning light yesterday before completing that second cuff last night. Pattern from Felted Knits ~ I love how the ribbing is added post-fulling. Greta (& any other reader/knitters in the vicinity), maybe we can ship ours out together? The hat is my mom's felted bucket that I unsucessfully made a little smaller ~ I made it a lot smaller, childsize, in fact, but I don't think the Wee C really digs it. And this is the blanket, three colors of fleece stitched together in two layers, with fringe cut on the long ends. Last weekend in NC I scored three skeins of superwash on sale, so I'm planning to add a few of Stephanie's Ken's Hats, too. Lastly, there's an old UFO cap I'm trying to finish. Good stuff for a good cause.

We had some more publicity this week; if you check the link, that's yours truly playing model in the photo, but one really can't tell even in the full-size tabloid version. (Fun fact: Sometime in the 1980s I made a similar cameo in the Wall Street Journal, but as I was seated at a computer monitor, only the back of my head appeared.)

Working down the gusset of Broadripple #1, knitting both Ribby fronts at once, and I've finished two mitered squares this weekend ~ hope yours is as knitty!

*And there's a third mitten, as you may recall, also felted, that's about to be a birthday gift, for the kitchen. I'm going to crochet its cuff ~