Sneak Preview

Back atcha, Rach

OK, it's only a little quote, compared to Rachael' star turn in a much bigger paper. (And wasn't her picture adorable?!) But I'll take some credit for this wonderful, big article in Sunday's paper, too (don't miss the pix). And on Friday, this online article. (I hope these links will be accessible for a bit.) Below, the flags installed. They are loved!


All went well, from the SRO opening ceremony to the preview gala to yesterday's open house that saw 1,424 visitors on our first real day (including the lieutentant governor). My toes were numb all of Saturday from Friday's heels, but at least my only commitment was a brief stint selling books for the Friends of the Richmond Public Library. Check out my finds:


Once the flags were finished, I got back to my knitting, completing two scarves Saturday and a buttonhole bag this morning. Started Broadripple socks last night, too. Photos to come ~