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Like a Harlot

Ribmit0002 OK, I'll qualify that title right away: what I mean is, I feel like the Yarn Harlot because I am in the midst of knitting a third mitten. It ain't Latvian, I didn't spin the yarn, I didn't raise thousands of dollars in conjunction with this knitting ~ although it is for the good Dulaan cause. This is the first one, pictured, knit with a doubled strand of Plymouth Outback on US10-1/2s. I have enough felting experience that I should have ripped midknit, because the fabric is too tight for much fulling to happen. So I knit a second, and now the third is on the needles, these last with a single strand, pattern always from Bev Galeskas' Felted Knits, sized for a child, I'm hoping. (One nice aspect of this pattern, although I took the photo before I did this step, is that it has you pick up stitches along the cast-on edge with waste cotton, and use those holes to switch in matching yarn, post-felting, for a ribbed cuff.) And this time I finally get to do the left hand! When I get around to throwing these in the washer, I'll toss in the original chunky one, too, but I'm not making it a mate ~ plotting a possible life as an oven accessory for that one. First I want to whip up one of Kay's famous buttonhole bags and perhaps a hat to match these mittens, so I get a lot of work out of that hot water ~