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Sneak Preview

Flaggage We gave the pennant/flag thingies a test run today, mounting just one of the 11 that will surround the Center for tomorrow's opening ceremony. As weather forecasts have already forced us to replan the event as an indoor one, we won't have the four marching around the side to the garden since guests will no longer arrive that way. Thus I was saved hemming the last of the green strips; I only ran home to do one at lunch, having searched for the pieces last night when the brown ones were done and realized I'd left the fabric at work. I'll offer a wider shot of tomorrow's view with all of them flying ~ rain or shine. I'm proud that six of us collaborated to make this vision a reality in a timely and economic fashion. And I'm grateful that this interweb helped me to find flag fabric matched to our identity colors (down to listing the PMS matches on their site). Aren't my flaggettes going to look fine in front of the mighty banner?

Whew, what a month! And I still managed to post a dozen times. I've never been so exhausted, not even when I first brought Wee C home from China. (Of course I'm three years older now.) I have a 15-hour day tomorrow, but after Sunday's mere five hours (for a four-hour open house) I'm planning for some major rest. Cross your fingers for me surviving until then ~

Hoppy Easter

Bun_1 Caroline loves her new bunny. She did spend some time at church playing with it in an Edward Scissorears fashion, but that's a happy imagination for you. (Or warped?) Click for a view of bun's buns. I almost forgot the tail, and it's wimpier than I'd like, but it's been awhile since I wrapped a pom-pom (that sounds way too racy). Kate Gilbert's great pattern (purchased on line, but Stewart has it at The Yarn Lounge); Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran on US7s; DMC floss for embroidery, and cosmetic cotton to stuff!

Oflags So, it's back to the sewing machine, as the opening of the Virginia Center for Architecture is only five days away. In addition to overseeing the whole of identity, publicity, and five opening events, I'm stitching 60-120* flag-streamers to be mounted on 15 poles around the Center. What can I say? I like sewing, and my volunteering was the only way to make it affordable. That's 15 orange ones in the bag at right. I'm on to the blue ones now, each measuring 6" x 6'. You'd be surprised how long it takes to hem 36 linear feet (the strips I'm starting with). I've asked one colleague to assist ~ and blessed Cathy's been cutting the 40 strips ~ but I haven't yet heard her assent. Good thing the Wee C didn't get too caffed up from chocolate to be getting in a wee nap! 

*That's 60 for certain, one of each color for each of the poles; we've yardage for twice that, but maybe not time ~

Duke's done

And so's the Wolfpack. Dang. I hate it when all my ACC hopes have to hang on the Heels. But, hey, with a fairy princess in the house, who can really be sad?


Especially a fairy doin' the Rachael! And don't forget the wand we whipped up for today's Purim parade at preschool. Knitting pattern by Zoe Mellor, as mentioned previously; yarn is Jaeger Aqua, as specified (but in a different color choice, with stripes necessitated by the diminishing quantity of blue). Detail shots here.

Oh, and here's that sock I tried to post on Tuesday. The erstwhile vanished title One down, four to go referred to my obligation yet to knit the mate to the Brotherman sock, the mate to this sock, and the pair of Fixation Broadripples for MS&W ~ these last because last year when Greta and Rachael each visited me after their May Maryland meeting, I gave them yarn for those socks so we could all wear them there this year. But first, the latest, in its almost complete foto al fresco, looking for the best light to show off its luscious colors:


Happy Em Day!

Happy Birthday to the happy and divine Michelle!

But, grrr, to Typepad, for I had written another post on Sunday and set it to publish this morning, with a lovely photo of the sock I knit from the birthday yarn Em gave me when we met in February a year ago. Where is that little missive? Title was One down, four to go . . .  Too swamped here at the workplace to recreate it now, doggone it (if I type dammit, I can hear Wee C saying Don't say Dammit!, as I had a recent slip that, of course, has stuck with her.) I'll try that sock tale again soon.

Meanwhile, I stitched half a Kate Gilbert Bunny for an Easter surprise last night. Mmmm, pinky Cashmerino (now there's a fun alias). And such a fun pattern!

As promised

Ozark0001 Here's the scarf that came of the 34 yards of 50% wool/50% mohair Mizzou handspun I bought from Stewart last weekend. Five stitches on US17s, knit quickly while fighting off the kitties who were especially interested in something so natural as this. And a closeup . I finished it last Sunday while watching my Devils take the ACC tourney (again!)

Today, while watching Duke make it to the Sweet Sixteen, I finished the Fairy Dress from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tots, project which I purchased upon my first visit to Knit Happens almost a year ago. Well, I completed the knitting portion, and sewed on the ribbon straps, but as the Wee C was modeling this sweet bodice while bottomless, I decided photography should wait for the attached skirting ~ it may be years before she becomes more modest! (We actually have a naked upstairs rule, as in, only upstairs may one let it all hang out.)

Half a Ribby


I finished the back a week or so ago, before I knit the mitten trio. Hard to see in this photo, perhaps, but I am doing the version that is partially rather than fully ribbed. I have a strawberry cap on the short US7 circ I'd need to start another sleeve, so that's my current priority, as the baby's due in about a month (to one of Wee C's teachers). In the past few days I've finished a scarf and a sock (in addition to the mitts), and found these quick results rather rewarding. But I'll get back to the Ribby soon, and maybe even to the Must-Have ~

At the Lounge


Look who I ran into at my fantastic new LYS: Greta, L-B, and the Wee C (OK, I brought her with me)! All of us sporting fine handknits, of course (even if I did have to wear Charlotte's Web with my Duke sweatshirt, for good b'ball tourney karma). I love this place the best of all! For starters, it's only a mile from my house, in my fave shopping locale, a long stretch of one-way street known as Carytown. Second, the merch: cool natural fibers, as her promo piece notes, with a listing that includes Blue Sky Alpacas, Interlacements, Jo Sharp, Manos, Noro, Rowan and a bunch of smaller producers ~ I bought some yummy extra chunky Ozark Handspun I neglected to photograph (but it'll be a scarf soon enough). And of course there are needles and tools and fabulous bags, plus these totally swell felts from a San Francisco artist:


And the books! Every publication you could want, really. I flipped through a few Rowan yarn-specific booklets I'd not seen, then bought that new Rebecca that's been catching many eyes ~ even though I swore off summer/cotton knitting seven months ago. Plus loads of individual patterns I didn't even pause to browse, kid in a candy store that I was. Have you gathered that no wall of novelty fluff distracts the eye? Wanna see the place? It'll knock your socks off (and there is some sock yarn, BTW), really. Her furniture, fixtures and displays are perfect. Here are the buttons, clipped to some old shutters or magnetized in what may be a contemporary spice rack:


And here's the long view, as Greta (plotting another Klaralund) checks out with Stewart, the lucky visionary who's brought this lovely lounge to us:


Speaking of lounging, I'll leave you with the place I want to be sitting for a spell sometime soon. The Yarn Lounge is open a little later on Thursdays, and I'm betting Stewart might not kick knitters out on the stroke of seven ~


Like a Harlot

Ribmit0002 OK, I'll qualify that title right away: what I mean is, I feel like the Yarn Harlot because I am in the midst of knitting a third mitten. It ain't Latvian, I didn't spin the yarn, I didn't raise thousands of dollars in conjunction with this knitting ~ although it is for the good Dulaan cause. This is the first one, pictured, knit with a doubled strand of Plymouth Outback on US10-1/2s. I have enough felting experience that I should have ripped midknit, because the fabric is too tight for much fulling to happen. So I knit a second, and now the third is on the needles, these last with a single strand, pattern always from Bev Galeskas' Felted Knits, sized for a child, I'm hoping. (One nice aspect of this pattern, although I took the photo before I did this step, is that it has you pick up stitches along the cast-on edge with waste cotton, and use those holes to switch in matching yarn, post-felting, for a ribbed cuff.) And this time I finally get to do the left hand! When I get around to throwing these in the washer, I'll toss in the original chunky one, too, but I'm not making it a mate ~ plotting a possible life as an oven accessory for that one. First I want to whip up one of Kay's famous buttonhole bags and perhaps a hat to match these mittens, so I get a lot of work out of that hot water ~

MaryB, come on down!

sbdec040001 ~ or over, as the case may be (when this wacky March blizzard ends). I've got a prize for you! On Friday, while I wasn't looking, I received my 1000th comment* from this special knitter who's a fixture in blogland's comments**, so it's especially apropos that she made my milestone. She might have discovered me on her own, but I think I found her first on Rachael's once-upon-a-blogmap ~ and emailed to connect, since we're geographically proximate (how's that for a fancy way of saying nearly neighbors?). Soon she showed at my monthly S&B, wowing us with her knits and her quilts. Check the gallery to see them for yourself. And in October she took us to the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival, a worthy warm-up to Maryland's attraction ~ and documented my reunion with the Mary Ann who, no surprise, is a friend of Greta, too. MaryB has commitments with her musical menfolk in May, so you won't be meeting her at the fairgrounds, alas. Glad I found you, girlfriend!

*I've no tally of others from when the blog was hosted at Blogspot.
**Don't you think it's time she join our blogging ranks?

State of mine

Cheesy title, not-so-new meme, but I wanted to see mine in "print." And work in another March post. This listing is not 100% accurate, as I decided not to list all states I passed through on my 1976 Teen Tour ~ only those that left a memorable impression. I've added a major-city list beneath it, just for kicks. I'm glad to surpass 50%, but I clearly have some traveling to do!

bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now...

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My cities: Phoenix / LA / San Francisco / Denver / Miami / Atlanta / Chicago / New Orleans / Baltimore / Minneapolis / St. Louis / Las Vegas / Santa Fe / New York / Cincinnati / Portland / Houston / Seattle