Bountiful Festival
Hat, no scarf

They like it


Yup, Frances & Hondo have taken to their Kitty Pi. Of course, being kittens, they can sleep just about anywhere. And do. Right now on the "sheepdog" rug at the top of the stairs, in fact.

Oh! Go wish Nathania a Happy Birthday! (Then come back, OK?)

MichelleCpamAttendance at Tuesday's S&B was surprisingly slim. But a pleasure, as always. Michelle continued her stepdad's blue pullover, and Pam came just for the company ~ which Wee C certainly appreciated.
She was quite taken with Unexpected Knitting, the new volume (Oooo! Pun!) I recieved in a RAOK drawing. (Thanks, Stacy!) Alas, I neglected to snap a pic of Lisa, who started a mouse from Wendy's pattern, inteneded for our kitties, and even brought home-grown to stuff it!

Perhaps the veep debate kept folks away; these three were gone when it began, so I stayed on the sofa and listened via NPR because someone had taken to my bed (in the same room as the TV). And I knitted on Klaralund, even casting on for the fourth piece (and starting my eighth Silk Garden skein). The end is near! (As I so hope is the case for the reign of Dubya ~ )