Island Quickie
Cotton Kitten

Stacey Made Me

Stacey over at Sheep in the City is having a show-your-stash contest. And the prize? More yarn! As if I need another inch of the stuff, here goes. What you see are the four 70-gallon plastic bins that saved my skeins from the flood of Gaston a couple months ago. In the USPS box on top, the recently arrived Critter Knitters prize, for which there's no more room in the Noro cooler (Also in the basement, but smaller and less photogenic). In the other box some Webs and LYS sale acquisitions that haven't been squeezed into the bins. Is there more? Only the projects in progress, and, oh yeah, the little Lego box o'Koigu, which gets to hang in the dining room, for easy fondling. Looks like the sock yarns are all resting together; I think they're in the third one down. What cottons remain after my late-summer clearance are in the second one down; I see some Cestari from the spring 2003 wool fair in the top bin, while my Rowan Plaid waits in the bottom one. More unidentified wooly goodness filling in everywhere else. Oh my.